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30 October 2014

Workshops Cadac Organice DCS

Cadac Group is happy to announce we are now offering workshops to help your team make the right choice when it comes to choosing Cadac Organice DCS as your document control solution.

Workshops Cadac Organice DCS

Cadac Organice DCS is a document management and control solution that helps project-driven engineering industries, including: oil and gas, mining, process and power, equipment manufacturing, building and construction, to manage, share and collaborate on documents. Cadac Organice DCS is built on company knowledge of nearly 30 years and is based on Microsoft SharePoint.

Hands-on workshop
During a half-day workshop, your team will have the opportunity to work with one of our expert consultants. The Cadac Organice DCS expert will take you and your team through a basic workflow that is based on a real-life engineering example. This will give your users immediate hands-on experience with the leading engineering solution on Microsoft SharePoint.

As the consultant guides participants through the workshop, each person will have the ability to actively participate in processes specific to his or her role. The ability to mock and role-play makes it simple for the user to see gauge how the software will help him or her with everyday responsibilities. And because we come to your location, it makes it easy for your team to participate.

Our consultants are experts in the engineering field and most come to Cadac Group with an engineering background, so they will be prepared to answer questions and relate the standard best-practice situation to your specific requirements. They can also discuss which options of the Cadac Organice DCS can be customized to work best for your company. Together with your account manager, they will provide an interactive experience that encourages conversation and questions so you are left with the answers and the information you need.

These workshops are a great option for companies that are considering purchasing Cadac Organice DCS. It is also perfect for skeptical or apprehensive companies that have already invested in another document control system that is not working and want to be sure they are getting everything they need from Cadac Organice DCS.

How to schedule a workshop?
Contact us to schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable account managers to discuss your requirements and schedule a workshop at your location.

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