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26 February 2018

TaskForce - Meet your deadlines without the hassle?

How do you currently track, monitor, and collaborate on documents to meet your project deadlines? Recent studies show that more than 60% of organizations have no control over document collaboration. This issue becomes even more challenging if collaboration expands outside company borders.

TaskForce - Meet your deadlines without the hassle_

Why you should try our new SharePoint Add-in

  • Document control as easy as possible.
    Manage your document tasks efficiently with one easy-to-use, SharePoint-based tool.
  • Manage all document-related tasks.
    You can easily monitor issued and assigned tasks and project document status on live dashboards.
  • Collaborate with all project members.
    Stop waiting. TaskForce helps you getting the required input exactly when you need it from all stakeholders, both internal and external.

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