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24 March 2017

Engineering Document Management Control

Traditionally, CAD files and associated documents are stored in shared project folders on file servers using Windows Explorer. This traditional way of working on shared files is fine for the engineer or engineering teams up to a certain size, when all participants work with compatible CAD software. However, this traditional way of working typically only supports those internal to the organization and is no longer sufficient when teams or other project stakeholders are in different locations and use different CAD applications.

Engineering Document Management Control

Support for review and approval cycles

Reviews, approvals, and revisions to CAD files are often required outside of a Windows Explorer environment and must be performed by a wider audience who may not have access to the necessary CAD applications.

Because of this requirement, a professional engineering document management solution is needed in order to effectively manage multiple engineers and other stakeholders working from the same set of CAD files. Without this solution, managing CAD file revisions during project review and approval cycles becomes a major headache for both the engineer and other project stakeholders.

Single platform for Document Management and Control

Project stakeholders are diverse and have different requirements. They typically include the designers, engineers, document controllers, project managers, and other reviewers. Because of this diversity, companies must now look for data management solutions that not only satisfy the needs of all their project stakeholders, but also offer a single platform with optimum document management and control functionality.

Choose the best of two worlds

This search for an all-encompassing “single source” solution turns out to be a long journey and often ends in disappointment because there is no singular solution available without a lot of compromise on either end. Real-world experience and expertise help us conclude that the best advice is to choose a combined “best of breed” solution. Read more about Engineering Data Management vs. Document Control.

Integratie Engineering Data Management and Document Control

Engineers want a seamless integration between their design tools and the Engineering Data Management System with full flexibility. Whereas, document controllers and project managers want full control over the process to keep costs and deadlines in control. From a business perspective, companies want both. They want productive end-users and control over the document lifecycle. Can this actually be done using one single system?

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