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06 March 2017

document control AutoCAD Inventor SharePoint Vault

Engineering Data Management Systems like Autodesk Vault tend to be very good at creating and managing CAD documents but lack in functionality as far as document control and (extranet-) collaboration is concerned.

document control AutoCAD Inventor SharePoint Vault

3D CAD vs. Document Control

Moreover, 3D CAD solutions like Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Revit and Vault are all model-centric and consider the drawing as a product derived from the 3D model. Whereas, document control systems are all about documents and making the review and approval process as short, simple and reliable as possible.

Short review cycle thanks to centralised environment

A short review and approval cycle can only be achieved if all stakeholders work in one centralized document control environment that is intuitive, web based and easily accessible. With our Cadac Organice Document Control System, we have built such a system. Natively built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, integrated with Autodesk Vault, it covers all of these requirements and is highly configurable.

Document Control integration with CAD software

To solve the integration issue Cadac Organice DCS offers an integration layer (web service based) that allows engineering systems to be easily integrated. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, this allows documents derived from a 3D model to be published to the document control environment in Microsoft SharePoint.

Document Control integration with Autodesk Vault

With the SharePoint Autodesk Vault integration, a release process in Autodesk Vault can automatically trigger the creation of all derived drawings (e.g. in PDF format) and automatically publishes them to the document control environment in Microsoft SharePoint for distribution to all stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Best of two worlds

With our SharePoint based Document Control System we offer the best of both worlds; engineers that can benefit from a tightly integrated toolset (CAD & Vault) and project managers that easily collaborate with all project stakeholders without losing control (in SharePoint).

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Would you like to know more about Engineering Data Management and Document Control? Download our free whitepaper: Living Apart Together: Engineering Data Management en Document Control.

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