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Our new SharePoint-based tool guarantees complete control of all design documents in your projects

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Why you should try our new SharePoint Add-in

Save time, be effective, take control, and involve everyone

USP Document control as easy as possible

Document control as easy as possible

Manage your document tasks efficiently with one easy-to-use, SharePoint-based tool.

USP Manage all document-related tasks

Manage all document-related tasks

You can easily monitor issued and assigned tasks and project document status on live dashboards.

USP Collaborate with all project members

Collaborate with all project members

Stop waiting. TaskForce helps you getting the required input exactly when you need it from all stakeholders, both internal and external.

USP Sanctioned tool

Sanctioned tool

Add peace of mind that your document distribution is safe and secure, checked with a corporate-approved tool.

USP Quick & easy implementation

Quick & easy implementation

Start collaborating on document tasks without the help of IT specialist. TaskForce is implemented, configured and trained in just a few hours.

USP Always access the right file

Always access the right file

Maintain document version control to ensure all team members know which document to work on.

Change the way information is managed and shared

The bigger your project, the more control you need. Organice TaskForce empowers you to manage and share project information and documents, both inside and outside corporate boundaries. Regardless of the variety of stakeholders, you can easily plan tasks for all your team members, clients, suppliers, and regulatory authorities.

Organice TaskForce is a sanctioned tool because it's SharePoint-based that runs on SharePoint Online (Office 365). So you can stop relying on uncontrolled and unsanctioned methods of file-sharing and collaborating via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, and FTP servers.

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Manage all tasks without the hassle

Manage your document flow without the hassle

Keep your project files organised

With 60% of enterprises using SharePoint as their strategic enterprise content management platform to keep their project files organised, Cadac launched the user-friendly SharePoint Add-in TaskForce.

TaskForce is one easy-to-use, SharePoint-based tool to manage all your document tasks. It expands basic SharePoint functionality with effortlessly controlled task management and document sharing features.

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Get exactly the right input from your team

Oops! You just sent an email with the wrong attachment or with no attachment at all. We’ve all done that - it’s common when using uncontrolled tools like Email, FTP, and Dropbox. And without transparency and version control, your stakeholders don’t know what’s been shared with whom, or why. The result is often organisational chaos that can lead to uncomfortable situations.

To complete projects, you need the right input at the right time. One of the great features of TaskForce is an automated alert system that alerts all users to upcoming tasks and deadlines. This keeps your entire team on the same page to make sure you get exactly the required input and easily meet your deadlines.

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Get what you want without the hassle

Meet your deadlines without the hassle

Never miss a deadline again

How do you currently track, monitor, and collaborate on documents to meet your project deadlines? Recent studies show that more than 60% of organizations have no control over document collaboration. This issue becomes even more challenging if collaboration expands outside company borders.

It has never been so easy to monitor tasks and project document status in real time, across all your projects! With the intuitive user interface and user-friendly dashboards of our SharePoint add-in, you can enable full transparency and control on all issued and assigned tasks.

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Are you collaborating on projects inside and outside your organisation? Our new SharePoint add-in is the solution. How does it work? Check our how-to videos and most important: join our free webinar to learn - in just 30 minutes - how to manage your document workflow hassle-free.

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Meet project deadlines at a fair price

Organice TaskForce is licensed with a monthly subscription. Only task issuers require a license. Task recipients, both internal and external, have unlimited access, free of charge. Meeting deadlines and reducing your document review time guarantees you can earn back your investment in no time.

Getting Started: review scenario

Check our how-to videos. You’re up and running in just a few minutes.

  • Step 1. Create task by issuer

  • Step 2. Complete task by recipient

  • Step 3. Close task by issuer using the dashboard

Getting Started: document delivery scenario

  • Step 1. Create task by issuer

  • Step 2. Complete task by recipient

  • Step 3. Use dashboard to close the task and copy respons to SharePoint

Benefit from Cadac's 30 years of experience

Cadac Organice TaskForce is the result of 30 years implementing document management and control solutions and over 15 years developing SharePoint-based solutions for the engineering, manufacturing, and construction world.

In your industry, you are constantly striving for greater efficiency, especially for the complex processes in your field of expertise. You rely on the market knowledge of industry experts for solutions. And our solutions are the result of more than 30 years of experience in creating, managing, and sharing digital design information.


Download a free trial today, and begin revolutionizing your file-sharing processes.

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