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Process, Power and Marine

Enabling digital in the fields of Process, Power and Marine

Gain more control over the entire life cycle of your assets

If your daily work involves extremely complex onshore and offshore engineering projects, then having standardised, reliable, efficient design and management solutions is essential. We offer solutions that help you tackle your daily tasks, reduce costs, and implement projects more quickly and efficiently.

We provide leading solutions to support multi-disciplined engineering projects. Whether it is process engineering, mechanical and piping, electrical or structural, the solutions we offer will support your engineers in the best way possible. In addition, we provide innovative solutions that allow you to share your engineering information in a globally dispersed environment, providing both internal and external draftsmen access to all the necessary project information.

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Cadac Organice

Leading engineering collaboration solution based on SharePoint and Autodesk Vault

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A PDM system gives you full control over your (technical) engineering information

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Cadac helps you embrace this digital transformation. We enable you to enter a new phase of growth.

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Autodesk Vault

Autodesk Vault Professional is the most innovative tool for product data management (PDM) in your engineering department.

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System integration

System integration plays an important role in the digitization of your business processes.

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Best-in-breed design processes in Process, Power and Marine

At Cadac Group, we do not believe in monolithic solutions that are overly complex and hard to manage. We firmly believe in best-of-breed solutions, combining market-leading engineering collaboration solutions into a loosely coupled but smoothly integrated system that provides each user with a single user experience.

We offer leading Autodesk solutions that generate engineering information. This information forms the basis for the entire life cycle of your assets. In addition to Autodesk solutions like Autodesk Vault, Cadac Group offers unique solutions for managing and sharing project information in your industry. The Cadac Organice Suite, for example, offers an excellent set of tools to manage and share your digital design information in a structured and controlled manner. This will help you work in a more integrated and efficient way.


Tailored solutions for all partners in the process, power and marine industry

The market sets one clear requirement: implement projects as quickly and efficiently as possible at the lowest cost. How can you meet this need? We provide solutions to these issues and help you implement them.


We are supporting our clients with a variety of solutions and services during the transformation to model based collaboration.

Engineering Service Providers need to support their clients from initial feasibility to commissioning.

Regardless of your focus, being front-end engineering consultants or a full scale EPC(M), Engineering, Procurement and Construction (Management), one of your key challenges is to ensure effective document control processes. In addition to your document control processes, you will need to prepare yourself for the paradigm shift from document based- to model based processes. During commissioning your clients will expect you to deliver a digital twin of the asset, which ultimately will become the core engine of their asset management.

Cadac Group is the market leader of Microsoft SharePoint based document control & collaboration solutions. 


Deep sea pipelines, specialized transportation vessels and offshore (marine) contractors need to master highly challenging environments with a broad scale of complex assets and technologies.

Offshore (marine) contractors need to digitalize the complexity of their projects.

Mastering this, requires a high level of operational control, a key part of which is information control. With our solutions and services  you have at any time the accurate information on the status of each part of your project available. We also help you with more future-oriented solutions like monitoring the virtual reality of your project.

Cadac, with its longstanding and successful history in supporting offshore contractors can help you with proven Microsoft SharePoint-based document control & collaboration solutions as well as state-of-the-art visualization solutions that allow you to support your projects from anywhere and any device.


Although owner-operators weren´t first in the line, this industry is now experiencing a digital revolution by digitalizing the operations of their assets.

Owner-operators will use digitalization to increase the effectiveness of their asset operations.

By managing and controlling large parts of your assets remotely, i.e. through a digital twin combined with on-site VR/AR support, owner-operators will be able to centralize a significant part of their often highly specialized staff into remote control centers, being able to support multiple assets.   

To ensure you are fully part of the digital revolution the industry is experiencing, you need to effectively integrate digital twin(s) with other solutions, like asset management- or an ERP-system. Cadac has a longstanding reputation as a market innovator, providing a range of modern cloud based visualization- and integration solutions, enabling you to create future proof asset operations.

Interesting downloads for the process, power and marine industry

Cadac provides a large number of whitepapers, eBooks and downloads on diverse subjects. View them here.


Whitepaper | Autodesk Vault and Microsoft SharePoint for Engineering Collaboration

How do you use Autodesk Vault and Microsoft SharePoint as a data management solution?

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Whitepaper | Managing and Controlling Design Information

What are the advantages of an integration between Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Vault?

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Whitepaper | Connecting CAD to Document Control

Discover the advantages of an integration between the complex world of modelling tools and a completely Microsoft SharePoint-based document control system.

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Whitepaper | Managing CAD files with SharePoint

What are the possibilities and limitations for SharePoint in managing the CAD files and integrating with CAD applications?

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Whitepaper | System integration: The foundation of your digital strategy

Read this document about the integration of your application landscape, or system integration.

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Whitepaper | Using SharePoint Online to Manage Documents

In the ideal situation you can easily track, monitor and collaborate on documents within your SharePoint-based environment.

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