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Enhance AutoCAD performance

How to

Last modified on 28 April 2020

You find the overall performance of AutoCAD is poor.

This poor performance can have several causes, Whether or not it is a multi-core PC, Whether it is a 32 bits Windows or 64 bits Windows version. Which Graphic Card is being used with what driver version.

There are several setting that can be done to enhance the performance of AutoCAD.

Multi-core system
On a multi-core system set the AutoCAD variable WHIPTHREAD to 3.
AutoCAD will now make use of a second processor/core with: Zoom, Pan, Regen and Redraw functions.
AutoCAD can utilize 2 processors/cores max.

In case of a Quad-Core or higher the performance can benefit from disabling the pc's Hyperthreading of cores.

32/64 bits Windows

AutoCAD version prior to version 2020 do still support 32 bits Windows.

AutoCAD versions from version 2020 only support 64 bits Windows

Settings for Toolbars and Toolpalettes
- Toolbars are not visible by default, If you want to use them make sure that they are docked on the edge of your AutoCAD screen,
- Palettes should also be docked on the edge of the AutoCAD Window. Make sure there are no 'floating' toolbars, palettes, .
- Hide unused toolbars and Palettes
- When Using Toolbars and/or Palettes, make sure their 'Transparency' is turned off. Set the AutoCAD variable PALETTEOPAQUE to 0.

Settings for selections
- Set the AutoCAD variable PREVIEWEFFECT to. (Dash)
- Set the AutoCAD variable PREVIEWFILTER to 23. (No preview for Locked layers, xrefs, tables or hatches)


When a drawing contains many Layout’s the 'Layout Regen Options' can be lowered. This will reduce the memory-usage for AutoCAD. The loading time when switching between layouts may be longer. 

This can be set: Options – Tab 'System' – Layout Regen Options 

(You can also use the AutoCAD variable LAYOUTREGENCTL ) 

0 = The drawing wil be regenerated with every switch between model- and layout-tabs. 

1 = Only Model tab and the last used layout tab will be stored in memory. Regeneration will be suppressed when switching between these tabs.

2 = Each switch will regenerate the drawing. each tab is stored in memory. (fast switching, high memory usage)


Set the AutoCAD variable REGENAUTO to OFF. The drawing will only be regenerated with the REGEN command.

Restart AutoCAD

AutoCAD build extensive memory usage during normal use. This can cause serious delay. 

Shut down and restart AutoCAD so that the stored memory is released and cleaned.


Through 3DCONFIG AutoCAD can be set how to use certain setting for example with 3D display. 

Activate of disable Hardware Acceleration when you experience display problems. (This is bound to Graphics Card and used drivers.)

Drivers for the graphic card

Go to the following website:

Select your combination of Graphic card/AutoCAD version/Windows version to find the best driver version for your setup.


Set the AutoCAD variable HIGHLIGHT to 0. (Blue selectioncolor disappears, selection is not dashed)

Transparency display

Set the AutoCAD variable TRANSPARENCYDISPLAY to 0. (transparency is disabled)

Visual style 

Use the "2D WIREFRAME" visual style most of the time.

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