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E-book | Product Thinking: an eye-opener for the manufacturing industry

The transition from document to product thinking is an important step that has consequences for the way in which work is carried out. With this E-book as a guide, you can lay a foundation for introducing step-by-step product thinking in your organisation.

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What is the E-book about?

This eBook is about ‘discrete products’ in the manufacturing industry. These are products that can be dissected into parts, they can be disassembled and reassembled. This is in contrast to ‘process products’ that are composed of raw materials and processed into an indivisible whole such as toothpaste, medicine, glass, etc.

The principles

Products are central to everyone's life. Clear and uniform communication about products is essential for businesses that manufacture products. And for those who buy those products. In the first chapter, the basic principles of communication about products are listed clearly and explained.

Product match

During the design process, the original question (the requirements) is functionally and technically described by means of a product match.

This product description specifies the ultimate physical properties of the product being produced. The properties of the real product must, therefore, be the same or equivalent to the functional and technical product description.

Product management

With product management, we mean the centralisation of the product and all related activities. This involves managing a schedule, identifying internal and external expectations and marketing a product.

We hope that this eBook will help you to lay down a foundation for the successful introduction of product thinking for yourself and your company. If you need support, we are happy to help!

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Product Thinking: an eye-opener for the manufacturing industry

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