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Whitepaper | Using SharePoint Online to Manage Documents

Good document control enables effective productive management

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What is this whitepaper about?

Recent studies show that more than 60% of organisations have no control over document collaboration. This issue becomes even more challenging if collaboration expands outside company borders. We know that the majority of all enterprises use Microsoft SharePoint as their strategic enterprise content management platform to keep their files organised. Is it fair to say that SharePoint just does not live up to our expectations for document management purposes? This whitepaper explains how to easily track, monitor and collaborate on documents within your SharePoint-based environment

How organisations currently manage their documents without using SharePoint

Small to medium organisations sometimes do not use any document management system (DMS). Files are shared and exchanged by file servers, email or file sharing systems mainly to avoid additional capital cost for a software solution. These methods all bear a number of risks, such as a lack of traceability, auditability and uncertainty about which versions are current and which are outdated.

Cadac offers Organice TaskForce for SharePoint Online

TaskForce is a Microsoft approved app for SharePoint Online that adds document management and collaboration features out of the box. All the existing and useful SharePoint Online functionality is retained. The installation is about 1 hour. If you need additional help to set up and configure your SharePoint site, we can provide it.

Good document control enables effective productive management. If you want these essential DMS features, at an affordable price, easier and more convenient to use, then TaskForce is your solution.

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Using SharePoint Online to Manage Documents

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