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PDM – Product Data Management

Discover the benefits of Product Data Management for your business

A PDM system gives you full control over your (technical) engineering information

Product Data Management (PDM) is the solution to rapidly increasing amounts of information within your organisation, long search times, revision management and for managing crucial design information. PDM is a collection of a number of (management) processes that are closely linked to the entire primary process in the manufacturing industry.

The advantages of PDM extend to the entire production process ranging from sales, (pre)sales engineering, ordering, detail or order engineering and work preparation right up to after-sales service. Proper management of product data prevents many errors, wasted time and failure costs. This results in more time for innovation in engineering, a reduction in production costs, better work preparation and the right information on spare parts for the service department.

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Optimise data, information & communication

High demand, a limited labour market and competitive prices place the mechanical engineering sector under considerable pressure. The industry needs a system that ensures correct and efficient information transfer in order to increase the return on production and outsourcing. In addition, it should relieve the pressure on engineers to give them the room for innovation.

A well-implemented PD&M system optimises data input, communication and the implementation of improvement proposals. This means fewer errors, a shorter turnaround time and lower costs for the entire engineering process.

Improve communication, avoid wasting time and invest in innovation

In order to remain competitive in the manufacturing industry, it is essential that one evolves with digitalisation. Nonetheless, implementing PD&M processes appears to be a big step for many mechanical engineering plants, presumably due to misconceptions concerning PD&M.

Many believe that PD&M is only useful for large companies. This is incorrect. SMEs often struggle with the same PD&M challenges. Others are convinced that PD&M only improves the work process of engineers. On the contrary, PD&M touches all disciplines within a project. If you are curious as to what PD&M can do for your company, please feel free to contact us without obligation.

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