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Whitepaper | System integration: The foundation of your digital strategy

Digitalization of business processes or 'digital transformation' is, of course, primarily a matter of strategy. This document is not about the strategy that leads to the digitalization of your business processes, but rather about an important building block in the specific implementation of your digital strategy, namely: the integration of your application landscape, or system integration.

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system integration

What is this whitepaper about?

The most important advantage of an integration platform remains that companies can fulfil their digital ambitions more quickly and effectively .

As a company you are constantly looking for ways to improve your business data management. The efficiency of your data management depends on how your business data is exchanged between different systems. This whitepaper defines a valuable integration system as a ‘single source of truth’. This source helps you to eliminate mistakes, manage data easily and save time. This whitepaper introduces two essential methods to integrate applications with each other: a bilateral coupling system or an integration platform.

The integration platform explained

This whitepaper states: the more applications to integrate, the more complex a bilateral coupling system. Furthermore, if you use a bilateral coupling system, you risk ‘vendor lock-in’. Therefore, an integration platform is recommended to enhance the exchange of your business data. It is important to understand the basics of an integration platform to know why such a platform is a good idea. This whitepaper explores integration platforms and its important aspects: connectors, flow of information and Master Data Management.

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System integration: The foundation of your digital strategy

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