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PDM services

Manage your product data efficiently with Cadac's PDM services

Get the most out of your engineering capacities

You will greatly benefit from successfully implementing product data management in your business processes. This will, for example, give your engineers more room for innovation, reduce failure costs and waste less time. PDM is a complex process, so it is essential that all stakeholders within your business process have the right knowledge and resources. Get the most out of Product Data Management by supplementing your PDM software with Cadac's PDM services.

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Successful product data management thanks to PDM services

With more than 30 years of experience, Cadac is the leader in the field of PDM. Customers such as Braden Europe, PTS Machinery and Merford Cabins count on Cadac as their PDM knowledge partner. We can support you with specific PDM services ranging from Cadac Care for Manufacturing to consultancy and installation support. Benefit from insider tips, clear answers and expert advice, regardless of your PDM level or the complexity of your project.

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Generate the best results thanks to Cadac's PDM solutions.

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Keep up with digitalisation

Digitalisation in the manufacturing industry is in full swing. New techniques and diverse specialists generate a host of possibilities. There is a downside, however. High demand, a limited labour market and competitive prices put considerable pressure on the manufacturing industry. We want you to fully embrace digitalisation, which is why we closely follow the latest developments in PDM and provide you with the necessary PDM support to optimally implement your software.

Our services are aimed at all stakeholders in your business process. We offer services to the sales, engineering, planning, production and service departments. If you are wondering how our PDM services can help you, please contact us now!

The benefits of Cadac Group's PDM services

  • Reduce your failure costs

    Greatly increase the efficiency of your engineering process by significantly reducing failure costs in engineering and production.

  • Save valuable time

    With a PDM system, you will save valuable time organising and tracking product design information.

  • Invest in innovation

    Take the decision to make capacity and resources available to innovate now in preparation of the future.

Generate the best results with PDM

Cadac offers you everything you need to optimise your PDM process. Generate the best results with our software, services, trainings and experts.


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