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Cadac installation packages

Cadac installation support, based on over 30 years of experience with Autodesk software, makes installation easy by supporting you with installation packages. This includes:

Cadac installation packages

You get access to Cadac installation packages, which have a number of advantages:

  • In some cases, it can take a day and a half to install Autodesk software. Using Cadac's installation support cuts this to just a few hours. How? We start by asking you a few questions, following which the installation of your program will run fully automatically. It's worth knowing that the standard Autodesk installation is not automatic.

    The Autodesk users need to give input at every stage of the process. Cadac resolves this by asking these questions beforehand. Cadac Installation support means you only actually have to do something when starting up. This saves time and effort, and unnecessary waiting.

  • Upgrading an installation is easier and quicker because the settings have already been entered.

Contacting us

Once you have downloaded the installation packages and received the serial number, you can contact Cadac to receive installation support.  

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Installation support for just £75

Starting the installation

Together with the installation consultant we will also start the automated installation running. All you need to do then is wait for the installation to complete. Depending on the software being installed, this process can take a few hours. This depends on how big the software is and the speed of your workstation/computer/laptop.

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