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31 October 2018

Inventor Tolerance Analysis

We are heading towards 2019, but we are ending this year with fantastic news. Starting November 5th the Inventor® Tolerance Analysis® will be added to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, the ultimate collection of tools for designing and producting mechanical products, machines, installations and layouting.

Inventor Tolerance Analysis

Manufacturing tolerances have a significant impact on cost and quality. Autodesk® Inventor® Tolerance Analysis® is designed to help Inventor users make smarter, faster choices when specifying manufacturing tolerances.

Directly available

Inventor® Tolerance Analysis® is delivered as a dedicated installer. Customers may access it using the Autodesk Desktop App or on Autodesk Account.

What can the Autodesk® Inventor® Tolerance Analysis® mean for you?

There are several causes for dimensional variation that have a significant impact on the accuracy of your products.  Tool wear not only leads to quality issues, but can also affect size for the final product.  Also, thermal expansion happens when the temperature changes due to manufacturing or product use.  Parts are going to move and deflect.  Precision goals can be accomplished several ways in manufacturing, but that leads us to cost.

Inventor® Tolerance Analysis® gives you access to analysis software that helps detecting problems before developing a physical product. Take informed decisions that save costs, improve product performance, reduce warranty issues and make your product more profitable.

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