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Fusion 360

CAD, CAE and CAM tools on a single platform

Fusion 360: a single platform for engineering, production and collaboration

Autodesk Fusion 360 is CAD/CAM software, the first true ‘Product Innovation Platform’ in the world. It is a cloud-based system that connects design, production and use. Essential in a world full of change, in which clients are becoming increasingly demanding, in which products are getting increasingly complex and in which developments follow each other in quick succession. If you want to remain competitive, you have to keep up or even, preferably, lead the way.

Not only must you have the right Fusion 360 software in house, but also the right knowledge. Your entire team of machine operators, industrial designers and other staff must be able to get the most out of the digitalisation. For this, you need to be able to count on a good all-round Fusion 360 partner.

Get the best results with Fusion 360

We offer you more than just Fusion 360 software. You can also count on our services, experts and training courses.

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Count on Cadac's Fusion 360 expertise

You will experience an enormous improvement in your workflow after correctly installing Fusion 360 in your organisation. And you will see that in your results! For example, other organisations have seen a reduction in their time-to-market of as much as 60%. Reducing turnaround times and staff costs reduces costs by 50%. Furthermore, engineers vouch that they need 75% less time for design than when using traditional software.

The results are impressive. To achieve these results, you need to use Fusion 360 optimally. Cadac can help you with that. We can call ourselves Fusion 360 specialists as we test the software in practice and continuously innovate in the Cadac Lab. Our consultants not only sell software, they also provide you with the expertise to fully take advantage of this digitalisation. This is aided by specific training, the provision of an expert platform and other services. How can we help you? We look forward to hearing from you!

How can we help you?

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Ultra-fast product development

With Autodesk Fusion 360, you can create products at lightning speed. Cadac ensures you get the most out of Fusion 360. We allow you to quickly set up concepts, choose an optimal design based on analysis and simulation, and quickly engineer and prepare your product with integrated CAM tools.

Choose Cadac as your reliable partner to optimise your CAD/CAM workflow with Fusion 360. We can support you in various areas.

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