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TheModus Essential

From €33.75 p/m

Loading BIM objects into your Revit design has never been easier. Whether it concerns UOL objects, objects from the TheModus library, objects you made yourself or a combination thereof, Cadac TheModus Essential provides you with a plug-in for the unlimited use of BIM objects. The open Uniforme Objecten Bibliotheek (Uniform Object Library*, UOL) is an independent platform based entirely on the ETIM standard and made possible by Techniek Nederland.

Access to a wide range of high-quality, standardised objects guarantees increased productivity. TheModus Essential also has a powerful system for quickly searching for, selecting and loading objects. The connection with the open Uniform Object Library* ensures an error-free exchange of information with manufacturers, allowing you to design and build more efficiently. This guarantees Revit design quality without the need to invest extra time and money. TheModus Essential also allows you to modify and even validate UOL objects; sustainable BIM-ing so to speak! The UOL, supplemented with the TheModus library (multi-disciplinary, as well as structural) and the objects you create (e.g. for your own special products), provide you with an arsenal of high-quality BIM objects. In addition, Essential features a smart configurator that allows you to use complex objects without having to build them yourself. BIM-ing has never been easier!

*A condition for using the open Uniform Object Library is that you have a UOL subscription with 2BA. For more information, please see the system requirements for this product.

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Product description TheModus Essential

How do you ensure the quality of your BIM designs without wasting too much time and money? Cadac TheModus Essential gives you direct access to the Uniform Object Library (UOL), the multidisciplinary TheModus library and any library you have created yourself. The UOL is an initiative of Techniek Nederland, 2BA, FME, Fedet, Ketenstandaard, ETIM Nederland and Cadac Itannex Corporation (CIC).

This software helps you to work more quickly and efficiently by giving you direct access to the most important modelling components - the building blocks. TheModus Essential is the gateway to these building blocks and provides access to the most important libraries:

  • The open Uniform Object Library
  • TheModus library
  • Your library: a Customer Library

The Uniform Object Library is based on the ETIM Classification Model:

  • Product data of manufacturers. Product data is provided and maintained by manufacturers directly.
  • CAD components. CAD components are also called Template Objects, or in Autodesk Revit, the families.
  • Open BIM. The UOL does not use a vendor lock. Objects are designed in various programs and can be found in the library. This plug-in allows you to effortlessly import them into your Revit design.

The UOL ensures an error-free exchange of information with manufacturers, allowing you to design and build more efficiently. The addition of the UOL to Cadac TheModus Essential lets you work faster and more efficiently and reduces construction errors and failure costs. Do you require objects that are not (yet) in the UOL? No need to worry, as TheModus Essential also has a library of more than 90,000 objects which can be used seamlessly in combination with UOL objects. You may also design products yourself using objects that you regularly incorporate into BIM designs. You only have to create them with our proven TheModus working method once before saving them in your Customer Library so that your colleagues can also use them.

As standard, TheModus Essential also offers additional tools for mechanical engineering modellers. This software can be used to more easily connect fittings and appendages of piping systems, thus avoiding error-prone and time-consuming work in the modelling phase.

Plan the entire BIM process

Faultless information exchange is the basis for better design, construction and optimum maintenance and management implementation. 

Are you a BIM manager looking for tools for a more efficient process? Or for tools that support you in your management to reduce failure costs? This plug-in will allow you to profit from a qualitatively better BIM model, thus increasing the efficiency of your BIM process and management. Your modellers will be able to model faster and produce a better quality BIM model, allowing you to concentrate on meeting ever-increasing client demands: better quality, faster delivery and lower costs.

We offer free Cadac Support to ensure the best results. This means your questions will never go unanswered. Our consultants are always ready to answer your questions and give advice.

Optimise your BIM projects

Cadac TheModus Essential is ideally suited for the mechanical and electrical engineering market that works with Autodesk Revit. However, architects and structural engineers can also use this software and the related libraries. 

Reputable BIM partner

As a digital enabler, Cadac specialises in BIM. We optimise BIM processes daily. We know the challenges of BIM as no other and provide software to our clients that addresses these challenges efficiently.

Are you curious about the possibilities of TheModus for your organisation? Our consultants are ready to provide you with expert advice and solutions.

Future Cadac TheModus software developments

In addition to Cadac TheModus Essential, our development team works to optimise the software daily. That is why we are launching Cadac TheModus Advanced later this year. Cadac TheModus Professional will follow.

These software packages provide even more productivity-enhancing and process-supporting tools for Autodesk Revit. With TheModus Professional, you can instantly generate all necessary views based on the information from the Revit model. TheModus Advanced can also support you in coordinating savings in the various models of your BIM partners. If you would like more information on the future developments of TheModus, please contact us now. 

Open Uniform Object Library initiators

The open Uniform Object Library has been developed by the sector and for the sector. Major technical service providers and important manufacturers together with Techniek Nederland, FME, Fedet, ETIM Nederland (via Ketenstandaard) and 2BA are the driving force behind the platform. Data company 2BA took on the role of managing the object library and collaborated with CIC (Cadac Itannex Cooperation) for its technical development.

BIM experts and engineers from various installation companies, together with product experts from manufacturers, determined what requirements the library and software should satisfy. A unique condition was that the UOL should be an open platform. In this case, open stands for manufacturer-independent and software-independent.

System requirements TheModus Essential

  • A condition for using the open Uniform Object Library is that you have a UOL subscription with 2BA. For more information, go to:
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, 64 bits
  • Autodesk Revit versions: We support Revit versions 2018, 2019 and 2020. Revit 2021 will be added later this year.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
  • Internet browser: Google Chrome

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