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CAM services

Let us support you with the digitalisation of your production process

As a certified Autodesk CAM specialist, we can help you connect CAD and CAM

The emergence of new design techniques calls for new design and production methods. Computer-aided manufacturing offers a solution to this, but CAM is a complex process and requires more than just software. As a certified Autodesk CAM specialist, we can help you connect CAD and CAM and apply these (partially) new design and production methods within your product development process. Complement your software with our CAM services and optimise your production process.

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Do you use the full potential of CAM possibilities?

Developments in the manufacturing industry are moving at lightning speed. You can use various techniques and machines to make your production process as good, as fast and as inexpensive as possible. This starts with the right CAM software, but also requires the right knowledge. Count on Cadac for this! We can support you with specific CAM services, from CAM consultancy to the provision of innovative equipment in the Cadac Lab. Benefit from professional advice, advanced tips and clear answers, regardless of your CAM level and the complexity of your production process.

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International CAM recognition for Cadac Group

In 2019, Cadac Group was awarded the Autodesk CAM Specialisation -international recognition for our knowledge, experience and processes in the field of CAM. CAM accreditation for Cadac did not just fall into our lap, however. Cadac's employees have immersed themselves in the world of CAM for years, with intensive training and innovation in the Cadac Lab.

Not only does this accreditation prove that we are at the forefront of CAM, but it also allows us to more effectively help you with your product development process, no matter which branch of the manufacturing industry you are in.

With Cadac's CAM services:

  • Autodesk CAM specialisation

    Collaborate with a company that is internationally recognised as a leader in CAM.

  • State-of-the-art machines

    Test the latest high-tech software in the Cadac Lab.

  • 30 years of experience.

    Let our experts support you. With over 30 years of experience, we can help you connect CAD and CAM better than anyone.

Generate the best results with CAM

Cadac offers you everything you need to optimise your CAM process. Generate the best results with our software, services, trainings and experts.


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