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TheModus Professional

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Getting a quick ROI on your investment in BIM workstations has never been easier than this. Whether it concerns access to a comprehensive and standardised BIM library, smart design tools or convenient tools to automate repetitive error-prone actions, TheModus Professional gives you a complete BIM toolbox, which, in addition to Revit, offers you the highest possible level of production and efficiency.

Cadac developed numerous BIM tools and brought them all together in TheModus Professional. This software increases the quality of your models and guarantees that you will save many man-hours in your BIM projects. In addition to everything that TheModus Essential offers, TheModus Professional also includes a comprehensive set of aids and design tools such as annotating and smart design wizards to increase productivity and support the BIM process. With TheModus Professional, you can instantly generate all necessary views based on the information relating to the Revit model, such as sales, construction, installation and production drawings for a complete BIM project, as well as detailed documentation, sales books and specifications or implementation plans.

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Product description TheModus Professional

Does your organisation use Autodesk Revit? Does your design process appear to take longer, produce more work and errors, and consequently increase your costs? Does there still appear to be a lot of work to do despite your investments in software and training? Discover why working with TheModus Professional makes sense.

A very small investment gives you a higher ROI per Revit workstation, meaning more and better drawings and modelling work using the same manpower. If your organisation is not yet using Revit but considering it, then hit the ground running and unlock the power of Revit by combining it with TheModus Professional! 

Oddly enough, we didn't add any new design functions to TheModus Professional: we have done everything with Revit that can be done. TheModus Professional simply gets more out of your Revit workstation. TheModus is also method-independent: software and objects are unconnected. Models built with TheModus Professional can be imported and used by modellers who do not have TheModus. This prevents an annoying Vendor lock. 

In addition to having access to standardised content via the open Uniform Object Library (UOL), the TheModus library and the Customer Library, it allows us to really get BIM-ing. TheModus Professional allows us to work faster and more efficiently. We now experience turnaround times for the generation and drafting of documentation of half a day at most, as opposed to a week previously. ROI has become ROT: Return On Time! The functionalities are designed to: 

  • Make design decisions based on prearranged agreements or standards; 
  • Reduce manual, repetitive, error-prone operations; 
  • Realise BIM projects within a set plan and budget. 

We have not even mentioned the frustration of having to reinvent the wheel over and over again, the gathering of data and unnecessary labour-intensive checks and corrections!

Some of the functions of TheModus Professional: 

  • Documentation functions: for generating model documentation sheets
    • Automated dimensioning 
  • A range of annotation tools 
  • Clever engineering aids for bends and T-junctions 
  • Quickly create a bracket plan with the bracket routine 
  • A distributing function for installing fittings, for example 
  • Generation of schematic representations of electrical installations 
    • Changes can be made quickly too! 
  • BIM model centre of gravity determination 
    • For example, for positioning hoisting anchors on a structure or component 
  • Automatic placement of prefab and position numbers 
  • Saving functions for tracing and coordinating architectural saving requests

With TheModus Professional, we are finally going to use the I in BIM. TheModus Professional guarantees that you will save hundreds of working hours in your BIM projects and avoid frustration and significant failure costs during your BIM process. 

TheModus Model Extender

We go one step further in the BIM process with the TheModus Model Extender. The carefully constructed BIM model can function as a data source for further processes, such as calculations, work preparation, logistics and management & maintenance. TheModus Model Extender interfaces with, for example, ERP: no more manually reviewing drawings and reading, interpreting and manually entering numbers, lengths, etc. 

TheModus Model Extender helps you to read out BIM models from predefined tables and import them into the ERP environment via XML exchange and vice versa! If you would like more information on TheModus Model Extender, please click here

System requirements TheModus Professional

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, 64 bits
  • Autodesk Revit versions: We support Revit versions 2018, 2019 and 2020. Revit 2021 will be added later this year.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
  • Internet browser: Google Chrome

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