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Solutions for the aviation sector that help you get the most out of your software

Create, manage and share your aviatic digital data

Increasing air traffic means a modern air traffic management system is required to prevent congestion and minimise the impact of air traffic on the environment. Besides guaranteeing and increasing safety, flying cost-effectively is also becoming increasingly important to the industry.

Standards are being developed by international initiatives of umbrella organisations and cooperating countries to manage airspace in an innovative way. We have a complete suite of products that can support this.

NedGraphics Aviation Solutions is a global leader in the field of aeronautical charting solutions. We supply the approved aeronautical charting solution subsystem software for the European AIS Database Project (EAD) and our customer base in this field is continuing to grow.


High-quality software

Our solutions are fully compliant with the standards of EUROCONTROL and ICAO's Annex 4, Document 8697 and also comply with the Regulation laying down requirements on the quality of aeronautical data and aeronautical information for the Single European Sky (Regulation (EC) 73/2010).

NedGraphics Aviation Solutions is ISO 9001:2008 certified. With us, you are assured of software of the highest quality for the best support of your everyday processes.

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Our software solutions specific to your industry

As a software supplier and knowledge partner, we have everything we need to optimize your work processes. Standards are being developed by international initiatives by umbrella organizations and cooperating countries to manage airspace in an innovative way. We have a complete suite of products that can support this.

We supply a range of proven 'Off the Shelf' products used by more than 20 countries and organizations around the world.

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Add extra functionality to your software

Buy smartGlobe software at Cadac Group. As a leader in digitalisation, we work to optimise the work processes of clients and contractors in the aviation sector on a daily basis. We know the challenges of your sector thanks to our extensive knowledge and practical experience.

Discover our wide range of aeronautical charting solutions. Determine the term of your subscription, the number of licenses and the desired support.

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The advantages of our aeronautical charting solutions

  • By and for users

    Our solutions are carefully developed and tested by experienced engineers who are familiar with the challenges you face on a daily basis.

  • Global leader

    We supply a range of proven 'off-the-shelf' products that are used in more than 20 countries and organisations around the world.

  • You are the key to our success

    We endeavour to exceed your expectations with our solutions, sales service and technical support.

Cadac, more than just software

Cadac will help you to embrace digitalisation and ensure that you are ready for the future.

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