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IFC Options in Revit

How to

Last modified on 28 April 2020


Opening an IFC file loads the IFC model into the default Autodesk Template instead of the company template.

Or, The categories in which the IFC objects are being added do not match the expected category. What can be done?


  • Make sure there is a project opened in Revit
  • Versions prior to Revit 2018: Selecteer de Revit Menu button
    Versions as of Revit 2018: Go to "File"
  • Choose "Open >"
  • Choose "IFC Options"
  • By clicking [ Browse ... ] the template to be used when opening and importing IFC models can be determined.
    With the 'Import IFC Class mapping' the supported IFC Classes with the subsequent IFC Type and Revit Category to which they should be converted can be controlled.
    The list can be modified by changing to another Revit Category/Revit Sub-Category. This can be done by clicking the dependent cell and entering the wanted Category/Sub-Category in this cell.
  • Because the settings may vary per IFC model (different sources) the import settings can be saved for later use by clicking the [ Save As ... ] button on the right.
  • To load a predefined "Mapping" click the [ Load ... ] button and select the settings file.
  • To remove all settings back to default click the [ Standard ] button to activate the standard Autodesk mapping.

For an overview of all supported IFC Types please use this link:  Overview supported IFC Classes

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