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DMS – Document Management Systems for the construction industry

Manage and share your documents in complex project environments

Central management of all your construction documents with one document management system

A construction project involves several different disciplines. These disciplines each have their own focus but they always depend on each other. Efficient communication between departments is not self-evident as departments often work with different file formats and use different communication channels.

You can put a stop to this with a document management system (DMS). All your documents, ranging from designs to reports and permits, can now be found on one central platform. Cadac helps you integrate and/or use a DMS. We offer various software programs. Furthermore, you can come to us for appropriate training or to find an expert who can provide you with temporary help. Finally, we can also offer you various other services customised to your company.

Get the best results with document management

Cadac offers you everything you need to optimise your document management process. Get the best results with our software, services, training and experts.

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Connecting various systems to a single system delivers better results

Many construction companies have already experienced the benefits of document management. For example, Cadac implemented a DMS at Aannemingsbedrijf Dekker Holding Krabbendam. In this case, about 400 documents were used per project. The overview was lost and projects became increasingly error-prone. According to Siem Stam, Head of HR/ICT, the document management system has many advantages:

“I can now find the right document from among 5000 documents without any knowledge of a project. We recently had a difference of opinion with a client in which we were able to easily retrieve an important piece of evidence to settle the dispute. The findability and availability of documents is very important to us. The switching speed of staff and the overview over projects is now much greater. We are also able to record any additional work with each document, which allows us to quickly provide an overview of the total additional work performed when needed. Often to the great surprise of other parties.”

Count on Cadac for better document management and better results

If you also want to improve your results with DMS, Cadac will be happy to help! Avoid inefficient communication and save money by collaborating intelligently. From concept to completion, we can help keep your entire team on track. Manage models, drawings and other documents in one place and always work together on the latest version.

Regardless of whether you already work with a document management system or not, Cadac has the right tools to take your organisation to the next level. Contact us and together we will see how we can help you.

How can we help you?

bim construction

BIM levels

Building Information Modelling, Building Information Management or Building Information Model. BIM has various definitions, but they all mean the same thing: a digital representation of a structure linked to vital information concerning its characteristics. This international concept comprises various maturity levels based on the application of standards. Estimating how far a chain partner has progressed with BIM is easy using these levels, regardless of the country in which the chain partner is located.

ISO 19650 (formerly PAS 1192) is the first international BIM series of standards introduced by BSI (British Standards Institution) and comprises two standards. ISO 19650-1 focuses on the concepts and principles of BIM and provides recommendations for managing building information. ISO 19650-2 focuses on the requirements of information management of construction assets, such as a building, a road or another part of a construction project.

Participating in the BIM process is essential. Would you like to progress from BIM level 1 to level 2 and make all the preparations for level 3? Or are you looking to see how you can best satisfy the international standards for BIM? Cadac experts can optimise your current BIM process and help you to immediately put it into practice.

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