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Organice TaskForce

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Cadac Organice TaskForce is a SharePoint Online add-in that helps your organization save time, work more effectively and promote collaboration. Thanks to the creation of transmittals and tasks, you can easily share and manage files in Cadac Organice TaskForce, both inside and outside your organization.

Are you done with unstructured sharing of documents through different channels? Do you want to be up and running quickly with a new document control solution on your existing SharePoint Online environment, and are you looking for a solution with low licensing and implementation costs that still allows you to collaborate optimally with internal and external stakeholders without having to manage different user licenses? Then Cadac Organice Taskforce is the ideal solution for your organization. 

After installation and a low-threshold implementation of Cadac Organice Taskforce, you will transform SharePoint Online into a document control solution, within the familiar use interfacer of SharePoint Online.

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Product description Organice TaskForce

The document control solution for SharePoint Online

Cadac Organice TaskForce is a SharePoint Online app for easy and quick file sharing for companies that work on a project basis. Do you already use SharePoint Online and want to share documents with internal and external stakeholders in an easy, fast and structured way? Then use Cadac Organice TaskForce as SharePoint Online add-in. You can also give external users without access to your SharePoint Online environment access to your documents, without impact on your own document management system (DMS).

After installation and a low-threshold implementation of Cadac Organice TaskForce, you transform SharePoint Online into a document control solution, within the familiar user-interface of SharePoint Online.

The bigger the project, the more control you need. Organice TaskForce allows you to effortlessly manage and share project information and documents, both within and across company boundaries. Regardless of the diverse stakeholders, you easily plan tasks for all team members, customers, suppliers, and regulatory agencies.



Creating a transmittal.

Optimal task and transmittal management in SharePoint Online

Save time, work more efficiently and take control.

  • Share files via transmittals
  • Create tasks for recipients from transmittals
  • Receive and monitor feedback from internal and external stakeholders
  • Create placeholders as a basis for a structured enrichment of files and deliverables
  • Submittal functionality allows you to create tasks for stakeholders quickly and easily to deliver the requested files.
  • Use visual status monitoring of tasks on documents within SharePoint Online
  • Thanks to the notification engine, notification preferences can be set by each user
  • Thanks to the dashboard, you have immediate insight into the current status of all tasks. 

You will receive free Cadac Support with your licence, where our experts will assist you with advice. You also have the possibility to submit your software questions 24/7. 



The TaskForce dashboard.

Get professional advice on Document Control 

What document control challenges does your organization face? Perhaps Cadac Organice TaskForce is the solution for you to share and manage your engineering data. Contact us and get professional advice on how to implement an optimal document control solution for SharePoint Online within your organization.



The recipient receives a task or transmittal by email.

Licences and system requirements Organice TaskForce

TaskForce named user license model

The Cadac Organice TaskForce basic package consists of five licenses that allow you to use the software for a year. Only people who have access to the SharePoint Online environment and use the TaskForce SharePoint add-in need a license. Thanks to meeting deadlines and the time you save reviewing documents, the investment is quickly recouped.

Within the licensing model, a TaskForce named user is when a user has access to SharePoint and the TaskForce SharePoint add-in. External project members, who receive tasks and/or transmittals, usually do not have access to the SharePoint environment. They do not need a TaskForce license. Via the notification mail it is possible for them to open tasks and transmittals, download files and reply.

TaskForce SharePoint Add-in activities overview


TaskForce license

(TaskForce named user)

No TaskForce license

Issue transmittal/task



Receive transmittal/task



- Open/download/response via email notification



- Open/download/response via TaskForce Status Indicator



- Open/download/response via TaskForce Dashboard



Use TaskForce Status Indicator



Use TaskForce Dashboard



Generate placeholders



Use numbering



Configure TaskForce



System requirements Cadac Organice Taskforce

Supported platforms
SharePoint Online
System requirement for SharePoint on premises
An app domain name is needed for the apps and the URLs that will be used.*
An Office365 environment with SharePoint Online (SPO) is required.**
An Office365 administrator account is needed.
A service account is needed to run the SharePoint App service and application pool.

*A DNS forward lookup zone must be created for the Sharepoint apps. It’s not required to have this domain externally available.

**The Office365 and SharePoint Online services need to be initialized and an Administrator account created. No further users/SharePoint Online sites need to be created.


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Manage your document flow with TaskForce

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