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Cadac TheModus

Manage your BIM process from concept to operation

Get more out of Revit and optimise your BIM process with Cadac TheModus

The Cadac TheModus Suite is a cloud-based platform for architects, consultants, engineering firms, contractors and installers who use Autodesk Revit. TheModus Suite offers you perfect solutions for optimally creating, documenting and reporting BIM models. Moreover, this gives you the necessary tools to work efficiently with construction partners and clients.

Cadac has been the standard for the digitalisation of the construction industry for years. We evolved from a software vendor into a knowledge partner and can offer you a wide range of software, training, an expert platform and customised services. During the development of TheModus Suite, we based ourselves on proven BIM technologies and added to them where we identified shortcomings at our clients.

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We offer you more than just TheModus software. You can also count on our services, experts and training courses.


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Optimise data, information and communication

Today, numerous companies in the construction industry are already using TheModus, and their reactions are full of praise. Contractor Louis Scheepers said that TheModus Suite allows him to model twenty houses in just two weeks. During the development of the Tate Modern, engineering firm Lincon saved around 450 hours of time. Mombarg Beton took advantage of TheModus The Center of Gravity to quickly determine the centre of gravity in the Revit model without error.

Van der Weerd Installatietechniek is not only satisfied with TheModus Suite, but also with Cadac's service: “We want to stay up-to-date and we have been doing so for more than ten years with Cadac. The drawing office cannot do without a good partner. If we need support, we know we can count on Cadac.”

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TheModus Suite comprises several products, each of which can be purchased separately: TheModus EssentialTheModus Professional and TheModus Model Extender. With TheModus Essential, you can easily load UOL objects into your Revit model. The Uniforme Objecten Bibliotheek (Uniform Objects Library, UOL) is a platform containing BIM building blocks according to the ETIM standard. TheModus Professional provides you with access to the most important BIM libraries and a comprehensive set of aids and design tools. TheModus Model Extender aims to avoid data silos, save time and connect platforms.

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Whitepaper | A roadmap to Model-Centric working

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