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System integration

A single source of truth for all your data

System integration as the foundation of your digital strategy

System integration, or the integration of your application landscape, plays an important role in the digitalisation of your business processes. As a company, you should always be looking for new ways to manage your business data as efficiently as possible. The efficiency of your system management depends on how your various systems, such as the ERP, PDM, CRM and EDM systems, exchange business data. Good system integration is a 'single source of truth' that helps you avoid errors, manage data easily and save time.

An integration platform connects systems without them being aware of each other's existence. The platform connects systems, transports information between systems and translates it in the process so that the systems can communicate with each other. The system management that is suitable for your organisation depends on various factors such as your sector, software and other processes. Our Cadac consultants help you to make the right choice and implement a successful system.

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Cadac offers you everything you need to optimise your system integration process. Get the best results with our software, services, training and experts.


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Connecting various systems to a single system delivers better results

Cadac's help has increased the results of various organisations. Including that of PTS Machinery. PTS struggled with incomplete and erroneous data from its clients as well as from its own engineers. That's why they wanted a single source of truth that would be accessible to both engineers and clients. PTS approached Cadac to connect a product data management system to its ERP system.

A good choice! Cadac performed the ERP-PDM integration -based on proven best practices, but in the process also conferred upon PTS an extra piece of customisation. Cadac also provided the necessary training to staff and assisted PTS by providing it with the advice it required.

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Our specialist consultants help clients integrate systems successfully

System integration in your organisation will yield many benefits. You will be able to work faster, make fewer mistakes, communicate better and create a clear overview. These are promising results but only if your system integration is well thought out. Do you have the right programs? Is your team sufficiently familiar with the new system administration? Would temporarily engaging an expert be better?

Our consultants will assist you in answering these questions and will help you integrate the systems in your organisation successfully. Please contact one of our consultants without any obligation.

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PTS Machinery

We have slowly been getting back on the road to growth. We have every confidence that we'll get there through the application of automation and robots, in conjunction with highly trained specialist team members. We've made the right choice.

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Whitepaper | System integration: The foundation of your digital strategy

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