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Autodesk Inventor

Create the best 3D digital prototypes with Inventor

Expensive prototypes are a thing of the past

As a mechanical engineer, you will want to run through the process from the design to the production of a new product, machine or component as smoothly as possible. You will preferably want to maintain maximum quality while keeping the costs as low as possible.

The 3D CAD engineering solution, Autodesk Inventor Professional, makes this possible. What's more, expensive prototypes are no longer necessary because the entire process, starting with the very first sketch, is digitalised thanks to Inventor.

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Create, simulate and optimise early in the design process

With Autodesk Inventor Professional, you can design products, machines and mechanical components like never before - faster, better and at a lower cost

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Start with digital prototyping

Autodesk Inventor Professional offers more possibilities for simulation and design validation, tools for large assemblies, plastic component design, sheet metal design, and drafting a BOM (Bills Of Materials).

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Cadac helps you take the next step!

Yield the best results thanks to Cadac's Inventor solutions.

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Discover the first complete benchmarking tool for Autodesk Inventor®, designed and developed by Neil Cross and Cadac Group.

Invmark: the best way to compare workstations

InvMark features an extensive suite of real world testing workflows, specifically designed to accurately measure, report and compare any PC or laptop’s performance capability for running Autodesk Inventor®. Upload and compare your test scores with colleagues and the wider Autodesk Community on the InvMark Leaderboard. You can search the Leaderboard before buying your next PC or laptop to see which systems represent the best value and performance.

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Buy Autodesk Inventor at the lowest price

Thanks to Inventor, you'll know that your design will work in practice and you will deliver a better-quality product faster and with lower development costs. Take advantage of these benefits and buy your Inventor software at Cadac. As a Certified Autodesk Platinum Partner, we guarantee you the lowest price!

With Cadac as your software supplier, you benefit not only from the lowest price but also our flexibility and powerful service. Benefit from free Autodesk Inventor Support and add Cadac Advanced Support and/or Installation Support to your Inventor licence. Choose the duration of your subscription and determine the number of seats you want. If you already have an offer from somewhere else, we guarantee we can make you a better one!

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The advantages of Inventor software

  • Develop better products

    Visualise and simulate your products digitally and deliver great designs.

  • Accelerate your time-to-market

    By designing, simulating and optimising at an early stage in the design process, you can market your products faster.

  • Create more room for innovation

    Fast workflows and drawing tools save you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on innovation.

Yield the best results with Inventor

We offer you more than just Inventor software. You can also count on our services, experts and training courses.

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Broaden your knowledge with our trainings.

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