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The BIM software for precise and complete 3D designs

Multidisciplinary collaboration in one central 3D model with Revit

Autodesk Revit is a design and documentation platform that allows you to create detailed model-based 3D designs that are BIM-compatible. You and your team of architects, structural engineers, CAD designers, structural draftsmen and installers can optimally work together in one central 3D model.

Put an end to lost time and high failure costs. Cadac can help you with this by ensuring that you deploy the Revit software in your organisation optimally. You can count on Cadac's knowledge, not just for the integration of Revit, but also with regard to providing various training, qualified experts or other services. In short, you can create a better overview that helps you to work more efficiently, faster and cheaper!

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We offer you more than just Revit software. You can also count on our services, experts and training courses.


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Revit as basis for a successful BIM story

Several leading companies have already counted on Cadac Group as a Revit partner. They purchased Revit software, increased their knowledge through training, found a Revit freelancer for specific assignments or used one of our other services.

This was the case with VSH Fittings and Philips Lighting. Both organisations have counted on Cadac to develop their Revit library with ready-to-use BIM building blocks. Turn your BIM process into a success story. Feel free to contact one of our consultants and together we will look at what you need to ensure the successful use of Revit.

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Faster, more efficient and cheaper design with Revit

Revit software has been developed specifically for Building Information Modelling. By using Revit in your organisation correctly, you'll be amazed at your 3D-drawings of buildings, constructions and installations. This allows you to design faster, more easily, in more detail and at a lower cost. Everyone in your team can make and track changes in one central 3D model. In this way, you benefit in all phases of the construction process, from design to management and maintenance.

Which step(s) do you still need to take to optimise your building process? Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We would be happy to help you with our software, training, experts and/or services.

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VSH Fittings

Thanks to the Content LAB, we can now better manage, maintain, and keep up to date our product information, and Revit modellers are more likely to select our products rather than those of our competitors. It's the best alternative to expensive content websites and product libraries.

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