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PLM – Product Lifecycle Management

Optimise the lifecycle of your product from concept development to customer service

Take control over the entire life cycle of your product

You and the rest of your organisation can take control over every phase of your product lifecycle by integrating product lifecycle management (PLM) into your work processes. A PLM system fulfils two important functions: on the one hand, it collects all information on a product and, on the other, it acts as a communication system between marketing, engineering, production and support.

By successfully implementing a PLM system in your organisation and providing your organisation with the right knowledge and resources, you can achieve better results, increase customer satisfaction and save time. Regardless of whether you are just starting out or are already advanced in product lifecycle management, Cadac can help you.

Get the best results with PLM

Cadac offers you everything you need to optimise your PLM process. Get the best results with our software, services, training and experts.


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Product Lifecycle Management ensures improved results

Companies that implement product lifecycle management will reap the benefits. A study performed by Autodesk shows that companies with successful PLM integration are more profitable, efficient and innovative.

On average, organisations that use a PLM system generate 10% more turnover and 7% less costs than other mechanical engineering companies. They also spend 7% less time on data management which gives them more time for innovation.

Product Lifecycle Management customised to your business

For years, Cadac has been known as a digital leader. We innovate and improve mechanical engineering processes on a daily basis. We evolved from a software vendor to a digital enabler. In the meantime, various renowned organisations, but also SMEs, now rely on Cadac as their knowledge partner in product lifecycle management.

Together, we look at where your organisation stands and what you need for optimal product lifecycle management. PLM optimises parts of your process so that you can work smoothly and flawlessly in every phase of your project. For example, a well-functioning PLM system gives you an improved approach with which to handle the management of your bill of materials and change management. We can also implement standardised processes into your workflow, when, for example, launching a new product.

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