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Construction Cloud

The BIM total solution for construction management

Optimum project coordination, from design to construction to maintenance

The Construction Cloud is the BIM total solution for construction management, formerly known as the BIM 360 platform. Various parties, such as architects, structural engineers, contractors, subcontractors and owners are involved in your construction projects. Efficiently streamlining the cooperation of the various parties is necessary to reduce the risk of incurring failure costs and wasting time.

The Construction Cloud comprises various cloud-based programs: BuildBIM CollaborateBIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Takeoff and Autodesk Docs. They respectively improve the construction site workflow, model coordination, design collaboration, cost calculations and document management.

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Create order out of chaos with the Construction Cloud

Cadac grew from software vendor to digital enabler. In addition to selling Construction Cloud products, we now support organisations with services, provide effective training for both Construction Cloud users and administrators, and assist in finding Construction Cloud experts for specific jobs.

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Construction Cloud components

The Construction Cloud combines the best of the BIM 360 platform with PlanGrid. The platform is a collection of different products that enable you and your team to work together on construction projects smoothly. The Construction Cloud gives you the tools to shorten turnaround times, cut costs and reduce project risks.

bim 360 coordinate

BIM Collaborate (BIM 360 Coordinate)

BIM Collaborate is a cloud-based service that improves team communication and streamlines the BIM workflow through model coordination and clash detection.

BIM Collaborate
bim 360 design

BIM Collaborate Pro (BIM 360 Design)

It aligns design intent and constructability by managing the design collaboration and model coordination process.

BIM Collaborate Pro
bim 360 docs

Autodesk Docs (BIM 360 Docs)

Autodesk Docs is cloud-based software that ensures that the entire project team always works with the correct project data versions.

Autodesk Docs
bim 360 plan

Autodesk Build (BIM 360 Build)

Autodesk Build ensures efficient construction project management on the construction site itself. Improve team work, safety and quality.

Autodesk Build

Reduce your construction project's turnaround time and costs

Construction Cloud is a good start or addition to your BIM plans. When you use our range of different Construction Cloud products correctly, you can efficiently collaborate on construction projects, speed up turnaround times, save costs and reduce project risks.

If you are curious as to what (else) Construction Cloud can do for you, we would be happy to talk to you and explain how Construction Cloud can optimise your processes. We guarantee you professional and honest advice.

Construction Cloud versus BIM 360

The Construction Cloud takes the strengths of the former BIM 360 platform and combines them with the best of Plangrid. Our experts have written several blogs in which they elaborate on the Construction Cloud’s contents.

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