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BIM - Building Information Modeling

From advice for BIM starters to complex BIM projects

BIM relegates miscommunication in the construction sector to the past.

Together, we can ensure that all chain partners in the construction industry collaborate optimally by building virtually and intelligently applying BIM to all work processes. You want as much information as possible on your designs as an architect, consultant, contractor, manufacturer, supplier, fitter or building manager. BIM plays a key role in facilitating this.

Working properly in BIM avoids high failure costs, long turnaround times, high construction costs, high energy consumption and ambiguous input in the management and maintenance phase. The digital design acts as a source of information in the design, implementation and operational phases. Cadac helps you identify potential problems at all stages so that everyone can access the correct and up-to-date documents anywhere and anytime.

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Cadac offers you everything you need to optimise your BIM process. Get the best results with our software, services, training and experts.

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Minimise errors avoid costs of failure

Cadac understands that construction partners need help in optimising the implementation of -the BIM concept. So, we provide immediately useable solutions, software, experts, services and training that offer support and guidance during BIM projects.

Companies are also increasingly discovering the benefits of BIM and are succeeding in significantly reducing failure costs by deploying the right tools. Engineering company Van der Weerd has also joined the club. They have invested in new software and linked up with BIM.

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BIM levels

Building Information Modelling, Building Information Management or Building Information Model. BIM has various definitions, but they all mean the same thing: a digital representation of a structure linked to vital information concerning its characteristics. This international concept comprises various maturity levels based on the application of standards. Estimating how far a chain partner has progressed with BIM is easy using these levels, regardless of the country in which the chain partner is located.

  • Level 1
    When a company is in this object-oriented level, only a virtual design program, either in 2D or 3D, is used. The degree of collaboration within the construction chain and the use of standards at this level is minimal.
  • Level 2
    According to ISO 19650 (international BIM standard), you can only really speak of BIM at level 2. At this level, all building information collected over a structure's entire life cycle, i.e. from the design phase to demolition, is managed using digital models. The essence of BIM lies in the collaboration between all chain partners who work with the same standards. Building information is exchanged optimally at this level.
  • Level 3
    Level 3 is still under development. At this ultimate level, BIM is fully integrated and all chain partners collaborate optimally in a cloud environment based on international standards.

ISO 19650

ISO 19650 (formerly PAS 1192) is the first international BIM series of standards introduced by BSI (British Standards Institution) and comprises two standards. ISO 19650-1 focuses on the concepts and principles of BIM and provides recommendations for managing building information. ISO 19650-2 focuses on the requirements of information management of construction assets, such as a building, a road or another part of a construction project.

Participating in the BIM process is essential. Would you like to progress from BIM level 1 to level 2 and make all the preparations for level 3? Or are you looking to see how you can best satisfy the international standards for BIM? Cadac experts can optimise your current BIM process and help you to immediately put it into practice.

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BIM is an important development that affects everyone in the construction chain.

The classic process of building can have serious drawbacks, including inconsistent information, repetition of work and an inflexibility in implementing numerous changes.

This is why Cadac believes in the full integration of BIM into the collaborative chain, so that every partner in the chain can benefit from the advantages of BIM. Good coordination prevents clashes, reduces failure costs and shortens construction time. In short, BIM simplifies the design, implementation and operational phases. Thanks to Cadac's professional support, you can optimise your current BIM process and apply it in practice straight away. You can count on that.

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