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Koniambo Nickel SAS

Reducing turnaround and process times for operational documents

A world-class industrial complex

Koniambo Nickel operates a mine, a metallurgical nickel smelter, a power station and other supporting infrastructure in New Caledonia, situated in the South Pacific, approximately 1,500 km east of Australia.

The US$ 7 billion development of the massive Koniambo ore body is being managed by Koniambo Nickel, a joint venture between Société Minière du Sud Pacifique (SMSP), the development arm of the North Province government of New Caledonia (51%) and Glencore (49%). The first nickel tap at the New Caledonian plant took place in early 2013.



In search of an information management solution

Koniambo Nickel required an information management solution for the operational phase of the complex. The system needed to provide a secure and efficient process to submit documentation for review, comments, and approval.

The company needed an efficient and auditable method to transmit project documents to enable timely decisions and approvals in order to minimise potential for a project delay.

Cadac Organice helps us to manage our engineering documents so we can operate a world-class industrial plant.

Jenifer Souter

Manager Documentation - Koniambo Nickel SAS


A SharePoint based solution

To manage the operational documents for the complex, Koniambo Nickel implemented Microsoft SharePoint. In order to manage and share the engineering documents, Koniambo Nickel needed an additional solution on top of SharePoint. The company decided to opt for the Cadac Organice solution, developed by Cadac Group, because it fulfilled their requirements.



Thinking in solutions

In cooperation with Ukuvuma Solutions, Cadac Group has implemented the Cadac Organice solution as the engineering document management and control system.

Cadac Group developed Cadac Organice to make Microsoft SharePoint capabilities accessible for engineering in the mining industry. Cadac Group recognised that a solution designed to support communication and collaboration should be intelligent and easy to use.

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Different Cadac Organice solutions

The Cadac Organice solution at Koniambo Nickel consists of different products. Cadac Organice Explorer is used to manage the engineering documents in SharePoint that are required to support operations. In addition to that, Koniambo Nickel uses Cadac Organice Transmit to distribute documents between the project members using transmittals and to keep track of what was sent to whom, when and why.

Cadac Organice Workbox is used as workflow engine to support all reviewing and approval processes, implemented to meet the requirements of Koniambo Nickel. Furthermore, Koniambo Nickel uses the Brava for SharePoint viewing technology to view, annotate and redact SharePoint documents in Cadac Organice and through the browser.


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More licenses

After successful initial deployment of the Cadac Organice solution by Cadac Group and Ukuvuma Solutions, Koniambo Nickel decided to expand the number of licences.

Cadac Group is proud to have Koniambo Nickel on its list of users in the mining and metals industry.

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