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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Discover the possibilities of AR and VR in the construction and manufacturing industries

Digital information visually available in every environment

Obtaining a quick impression of your design is possible using Computer-aided engineering (CAE) technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Whether it concerns a machine, a building or a road route, all you need to visualise your model in AR and VR is your 3D model. So, you and your client can test the design against their expectations. Furthermore, you can also use AR during the management and maintenance of your products.

Augmented reality and virtual reality allow you to present a more concrete product to your client and fine-tune it according to their wishes. Using extended reality during management and maintenance prevents delays and allows you to help your clients faster. The use of AR and VR is becoming increasingly popular in the construction and manufacturing industries. Innovations are following each other in quick succession. You must be able to count on a reliable knowledge partner to apply extended reality in your organisation as optimally as possible. Irrespective of whether you are already using AR or VR, as an Autodesk Platinum Partner, Cadac can support you with software, training, experts and customised services.

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The advantages of AR and VR in practice

Your construction project can be optimally visualised using AR and/or VR, which adds enormously to the client experience. Take for example the RailTech Fair in Heerlen. Cadac developed the station to be built in augmented reality. Visitors reacted enthusiastically: “It really feels like you are standing in the new station in Heerlen, while the station will be built about 200 kilometres away. The virtual model even includes people walking around, while trains are seen coming and going. In short: a great experience and a beautiful demonstration of a practical application!”

Extended reality also offers interesting possibilities during management and maintenance. For example, you can use AR to make all the necessary information available on location. This means you can make work descriptions visually available to your engineers so that they can see precisely what they have to do. If they still can't figure it out, they can contact your back office to speak to a professional who can then look at it with them from their office. This means that your project is not delayed and your clients are helped quickly.

Ready for the new market with augmented reality and virtual reality

As a digital leader, we closely follow the latest innovations. We are convinced that the popularity of AR and VR in the construction and manufacturing industries will grow strongly. These CAE technologies can be deployed across a wide spectrum. Augmented reality and virtual reality can be used in the construction industry to avoid clashes, to visualise the building and to compare real-time data with the 3D models. In the manufacturing industry, AR and VR are playing an increasingly important role in maintenance and repairs, product visualisation, assembly and training.

By deploying VR and AR in your organisation, you will meet the more complex and higher expectations that consumers in the construction and manufacturing industries have today. You can visualise concepts, not just for your clients, but also for your employees. In other words, extended reality offers you the possibility to improve your client experience, customer satisfaction and turnaround time and to reduce your margin of error..

Regardless of whether you already use augmented reality or virtual reality in your organisation, we can offer you software, training, experts and customised services.

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