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Architectural designer | BIM Specialist and workflow manager | BREEAM associate

Surrey, United Kingdom

Architecture and Planning | BIM

Successfully delivered large-scale and complex projects, as well as small bespoke projects, across different sectors, with a variety of clients and budgets. Passionate about design and research of innovative solutions, driven by new technologies.


BIM modelling
BIM model coordination
BIM design coordination
Autodesk Navisworks
Autodesk Revit
Drawing & sketching
Technical drawing
Clash detection
Architectural drawing


Project/BIM consultant - Freelancer

shedkm - remote team

01 Sep 2020 - Nu (1 years, 9 months)

Technical design and tender packages of a multi-site, timber-framed and off-site manufactured housing scheme in London (UK) within the BIM level 2 environment.

Architectural designer / BIM Specialist

Atkins (part of SNC-Lavalin)

01 Apr 2018 - 01 Apr 2020 (2 years)

Worked on several project, mainly in the residential and commercial field. Produced packages for all the different design stages, attended regular meetings with client representative and consultants, including Arup engineers.

Architectural designer / BIM Specialist


01 Dec 2017 - 01 Mar 2018 (2 months)

Designed the conversion and extension of two existing “brutalist” blocks into residential units. RIBA stages 3 and 4. Worked on the envelope package. Attended regular coordination meetings with consultants and client representative.

Architectural designer / BIM Specialist (Level2)


01 Apr 2017 - 01 Mar 2018 (10 months)

London City Airport Designed the extension of the London City Airport as part of a multidisciplinary team. RIBA stages 2 and 3. Manchester Airport - Manchester

Founding Director |Freelance Architectural designer | BIM specialist | BREEAM associate

Architecture and BIM services LTD

01 Dec 2016 - Nu (5 years, 6 months)

Architectural and planning services. Practiced in implementing BIM processes adhering to UK BIM framework standards - BS EN ISO 19650 series and COBie delivery. Accomplished in all RIBA stages of the design process. BREEAM, WELL, LEED assessment methods

Architectural designer/BIM Coordinator

Foster and Partners

01 Sep 2016 - 01 Mar 2017 (5 months)

Freelancer. Designed a 90,000 m2 mixed use scheme including apartments, retail, a hotel and a new underground station, as part or a multidisciplinary team. RIBA stages E to F (RIBA plan of work 2008). Client: confidential - Value: confidential

Freelance Architect in Italy


01 Sep 2013 - 01 Jan 2015 (1 years, 3 months)

Involved in more than 20 projects in the residential , interior renovations and commercial fields, all built or under construction. Promoted Architectural design through BIM technology software.

Architecture and planning

Universita' degli studi di Palermo (Italy)

01 Nov 2002 - 01 Feb 2012 (9 years, 3 months)

Core Modules: Architecture and Design, Art, History and criticism, Town planning, Landscaping, Environment and sustainability, Infrastructure of transport, Estimation of projects value and feasibility, Topography

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Expert levels

Our experts are available in different levels. Meet them below!

  1. Industry Expert €1,300.- - €1,500.- / day

    The Industry Expert can identify national and international trends and developments in the relevant industries at an early stage and can combine and develop these to create an integrated picture of the future. This expert works closely with other stakeholders.

    He/she transcends the operational level, delivers services that have never been delivered before, bears responsibility for the actions he/she takes, shows guts and self-confidence and has an extensive portfolio of experiences.

    He/she breaks entrenched habits to show that things can be done differently to raise companies to the next level. He/she develops ideas for the future, positions them in a broader context and places them in a long-term perspective.

    This expert recognises the consequences of change processes for the entire organisation, the people, the work processes and the relationships in the industry.

  2. Business Expert €1,100.- - €1,300.- / day

    The Business Expert identifies market opportunities and can correctly assess their commercial value. He/she dares to voice controversial ideas, translates customer wishes into new to-be-developed goals, goes off the beaten track and makes proposals that are not always obvious.

    The Business Expert can get to the heart of the matter quickly and make connections based on years of knowledge and experience. This expert knows the market and players, works independently, makes independent decisions and forms opinions based on personal insights and experience. Maintains high-quality standards in the delivery of services and uses concrete examples to support his/her arguments.

  3. Domain Expert €900.- - €1,100.- / day

    The Domain Expert is the designated person for issues within a specific knowledge domain. He/she identifies possible causes of problems, creates opportunities, recognises important information, searches for relevant data, supports workflows and contributes to the development of the solution.

    The Domain Expert conceives new ideas that others (first) think are impossible to implement, can cooperate with external parties based on mutual interest, possesses the required expertise and exudes professionalism. This expert demonstrates interest in his/her domain and keeps this knowledge up-to-date.

  4. Training Expert €700.- - €900.- / day

    The Training Expert enjoys teaching others and wants to increase their problem-solving abilities. He/she enjoys testing the effect of the education and training provided. This expert can clearly articulate and fluently explain things using clear terms that are easy for others to understand, can provide examples that appeal to course participants and translate abstract information into concrete examples.

    The Training Expert has the experience and the appropriate knowledge in coaching. This expert sees where the priorities lie and can adapt the education and training accordingly. He/she stimulates others to realise their own career wishes.

  5. Creating Expert €500.- - €700.- / day

    The Creating Expert looks further than the most obvious solution. This expert reshuffles ideas and data to come up with an innovative idea, alternative approach or unconventional solution.

    The Creating Expert exhaustively and meticulously works out ideas to draft an effective plan of action with attention to detail. This expert identifies quality-improving opportunities, is critical - also of his/her own work, explains complex subjects in clear terms that others can follow easily and can translate abstract information into concrete examples.

    The Creating Expert identifies priorities, takes the initiative to create new opportunities, is enthusiastic about his/her profession and demonstrates craftmanship.

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