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Whitepaper | Connecting CAD to Document Control

Discover the advantages of an integration between the complex world of modelling tools and a completely Microsoft SharePoint-based document control system, with an almost equal level of complexity.

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cadac whitepaper connecting cad to document control

What is this whitepaper about?

With the fast adoption of 3D design tools across the industry, a lot of design processes are shifting from document to more and more model-centric design processes. The success of BIM in the construction industry is one good example for this change in direction. This success is propelling the adoption of 3D design tools, gradually reducing the technology gap between the construction and manufacturing industries.

Design phase

During the design phase of an asset, the design is matched with its requirements and verified to ensure that the idea developed by the design engineer can actually be constructed and manufactured in real life. With modern design tools, there is virtually no limit to what an engineer can create.

Commissioning phase

Once the construction of an asset has started and reached a certain stage of completeness, parts of the asset can then be tested before the asset as a whole is taken into production. During this commissioning phase, possible errors introduced either by design or during construction must be ironed out.

Even if the design was perfect, the construction was completely aligned with the design, and everything was commissioned and handed over correctly, improvements will always surface once the asset is in operation.

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Connecting CAD to Document Control

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