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Webinar | Introductory webinar to Cadac Organice Taskforce

Cadac Group provides free access to our SharePoint Online collaboration tool until 31 July 2020.

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The global situation is currently massively impacting many businesses. As a consequence millions of people are now working from home and external meetings and internal visitors are only allowed in highly exceptional cases. Therefore, Cadac Group will provide free access to Cadac Organice TaskForce until 31 July 2020.

Cadac Organice Taskforce is a SharePoint add-in that allows you to save time, be effective, take control, and involve everyone. 

Change the way information is managed and shared by:

  • Issuing and monitoring document tasks, both on single documents and packages
  • Creating and managing transmittals
  • Automated document numbering
  • Provisioning of document placeholders and assign tasks to deliver documents
  • Distribution lists
  • Easily including of and sharing documents with external project members
  • Dashboard & reporting

Would you like to know how you can optimally take advantage of this offer? Download the Cadac Organice TaskForce introductory webinars and get acquainted with all possibilities free of charge.

We are pleased to offer you Organice TaskForce to the following conditions:

  • Installation, configuration and a 1 hour training is delivered at no charge
  • The user licenses are also at no cost until 31 July 2020.
  • The above conditions will apply to an unlimited number of users and projects
  • Upon the final end date you will have the opportunity to continue the usage of Organice TaskForce at regular conditions or discontinue the free trial without any obligations

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Autodesk Vault & TaskForce
We have an integration between Autodesk Vault and SharePoint Online, allowing projects to make (As Built) designs effectively available to all project members. Sign up to the free introductary webinars to find out more.  

Autodesk BIM 360 & TaskForce

Very recently we also released a BIM ISO 19650 compatible integration with Autodesk BIM 360 Docs and SharePoint Online, providing a Common Date Environment (CDE) including the mandatory areas (WIP, Share, Publish and Archive) and effective make information available to all project members. Sign up to the free introductary webinars to find out more. 

These extraordinary circumstances ask for solidarity, collaboration and flexibility from all of us. We will deliver installation, configuration and training for Cadac Organice TaskForce at no charge to unlimited users and projects. If you have questions or if you are looking for more information? Please feel free to reach out.

Take care of your family and beloved ones. Let’s stay safe!

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