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Whitepaper | 10 steps to a successful EDMS implementation

This whitepaper describes ten steps to a successful implementation of an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) and is based on over 25 years of experience in implementing EDMS solutions for project-driven engineering industries.

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What is this whitepaper about?

In today’s business processes, information plays a key role. Information is used to steer business processes and to provide people the information and instructions to do their job.

Most information is kept in documents. It is very important these documents are well managed and that they are available to the right people at the right time. A document management system is therefore crucial to direct business processes and to ensure people have access to the right information; whenever they want it and wherever they are.

Since document management systems are closely related to business processes, a document management system should not be implemented overnight. An organization needs to be well prepared and needs to understand their requirements, scope and objectives to successfully implement a document management solution.

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10 steps to a successful EDMS implementation

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