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PLM software

Clear management of the lifecycle of your products with PLM software

Affordable PLM software to suit your business

With successful product lifecycle management, you can achieve better results, increase customer satisfaction and waste less time. An increasing number of companies in the manufacturing industry are experiencing the benefits of PLM.

In addition, you can get the most out of digitalisation by integrating PLM into your business processes or optimising your existing PLM process. Regardless of what stage you are at, Cadac can provide you with affordable PLM software to suit your business.

plm software

Automate workflows and the distribution of information and tasks

Our Autodesk and Cadac software add the ever so necessary missing links between marketing, engineering, production and support in your business, collecting as much information on your product as possible in one central place.

This is best affected by automating workflows and the distribution of information and tasks. PLM software facilitates this for your organisation.

Most sold PLM software

An overarching solution that connects information, people and processes

As an Autodesk Platinum Partner, we sell Autodesk software at the lowest price. Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle is excellent product lifecycle management software that collects all the necessary information for each phase of your project in one location: from idea to design, from manufacturing to service.

Cadac's engagement with clients means that we see the optimising potential of product lifecycle management. In order to connect all phases, departments and stakeholders in a project more effectively, we have developed Cadac Organice Fusion. This software further complements Fusion Lifecycle functionality in terms of visualisation, ease of use and change management.

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Cadac helps you take the next step!

Yield the best results thanks to Cadac's PLM solutions.

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A trusted software supplier for over 30 years

As one of the largest Autodesk suppliers in Europe and a digital enabler, Cadac is a specialist in the field of PLM. Count on Cadac for the right choice of software, just like Duits Sustainable Solutions, Braden Europe and Merford Cabins.

Discover our range of PLM products from Autodesk and Cadac. Determine the term of your subscription, the number of seats and the desired support. As an Autodesk Platinum Partner, we promise you the lowest price. If you find a lower price elsewhere, please contact us so we can adjust our price.

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The advantages of PLM software

  • Single source of truth

    One source of information which each participant can access.

  • Quicker decisions

    Faster, more efficient decisions thanks to immediately accessible correct and up-to-date information.

  • Clear workflow

    Workflow driven by the pre-defined configuration of the process steps and factors to be followed.

Yield the best results with PLM

Cadac offers you everything you need to optimise your PLM process. Yield the best results with our software, services, training and experts.

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PLM services

Complement your software with our services.

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PLM training courses

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