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System integration services

Successful system integration thanks to Cadac's services

Successful system integration connects all processes within your company

Successful system integration connects all processes within your company. However, connecting all your systems is not easy. Luckily, Cadac is here to help!

We will not only provide you with advanced system integration software but also with system integration services. We can help you successfully integrate your PDM, ERP, EDM, CRM and/or other systems into one central platform.


Count on Cadac's support

With more than 30 years of experience, Cadac is a leader in digitalisation. We aim to enable our clients to get the most out of digitalisation, allowing them to work more efficiently, faster and with fewer errors. A well-functioning integration platform offers these benefits.

We also offer various support services, such as Consultancy, Cadac Care for ManufacturingInstallation Support and Cadac Advanced Support.

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Generate the best results thanks to Cadac's system integration solutions.

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Our consultants are here to help

Cadac employs the best consultants in your field. They work on system integrations and optimisations on a daily basis. You can use their knowledge and experience in various ways depending on your needs.

You may, for instance, use our consultancy service where one of our consultants will visit you on-site and assist you with integrating and/or optimising your systems. Alternatively, you may purchase a Service Card, which allows you to utilise the services of a consultant for a certain number of hours. Incidentally, you can also get quick answers to your questions for free by submitting them to our consultants via Cadac Advanced Support, our online helpdesk.

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The benefits of Cadac Group's services

  • Lower failure costs

    Prevent communicational errors and the use of inaccurate data with a central platform for integration.

  • Save valuable time

    Don't waste time searching for documents or converting documents to other file formats with the integration platform doing this for you.

  • Improve communication

    Your departments should not have to work inefficiently to find and share data. Connect them!

Generate the best results with system integration

Cadac offers you everything you need to optimise your system integration process. Generate the best results with our software, services, trainings and experts.


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