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Validation steps Organice DCS

Getting started

Last modified on 2 November 2018


  • SharePoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 is installed.
  • Organice.DCS is installed.
  • A DCS site template (wsp) is available.
  • A (DCS) site is created with one or more reports.
  • Cadac Organice Document Control System - Reporting is installed with the DCS Installer and configured.


Validation steps Central Admin

Depending on the SharePoint version, the correct Organice.DCS solution is deployed.

  • Organice.DCS solution can be found in System Settings -> Manage Farm Solutions

  Figure 1 Solution Organice.DCS is installed


  • Organice.DCS settings page via menu option Application Management->  Organice Document Control System is available.
  • A DCS SQL Server database is created.


  Figure 2 A DCS SQL Server database is created


  • Organice.DCS related timer jobs are created and running
    • DCS Admin Timer Job
    • A number of DCS Worker Timer Jobs conform the setting in Organice.DCS  settings page.


  Figure 3 Organice DCS timer jobs



  • Open SmartInspect on the servers that run the DCS Worker Timer Jobs
  • Check the real-time logging for any errors or warnings related to DCS

Figure 4 SmartInspect logging

 SQL Server Reporting Sevices

The following validation should be executed on a a DCS site with one or more DCS reports available.

  • Click a report and check whether the report is rendered correctly.

Figure 5 Reports in a DCS site

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