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Fusion 360 Basic Training

From €193.75 per day

Our 2-day Fusion 360 basic training teaches you how to work with Autodesk’s latest CAD package. Our Fusion 360 basic training will also give you a complete overview of the possibilities and equip you to use Fusion 360 in practice.

This course is intended for users who do not yet have any experience with 3D modelling or for those who would like to learn about the possibilities Autodesk Fusion 360 has to offer. This training is also suitable for all engineers and designers who want to get started with a new and modern CAD system and want to gain a complete overview of the possibilities of Fusion 360.

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Cadac Virtual Desktop

Course content

  • Making components:
    • Making parametric sketches with constraints
    • Component modelling, building models in a logical way
    • Managing documents in the cloud
  • Making assemblies:
    • Placing joints in a logical way
    • Using the right structure
    • Bodies versus components
    • Movement within an assembly
    • The functioning of distributed designs within Fusion 360
  • 2D drawings
    • Quick and efficient creation of 2D drawings of 3D models
    • Creating a ‘title block’ and customising it to your standard
  • Simulating
    • Practical examples of simulations, strength and stiffness

Course materials

All the course materials required are included in the price.

Cadac Virtual Desktop

The training is offered via our "Cadac Virtual Desktop" using an app installed on your hardware. This means you can follow our training remotely. Our virtual desktop runs in the cloud and is ready to provide training at any time; it is already fully installed and has the required licences and associated course materials.

The only requirements are that this app can be installed on your hardware and that each student has an internet connection of approximately 5-10 Mbit bandwidth.


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