Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: the future is now

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Digital information visually available in every environment

Do you want to visualise your own design?
By using technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), it is possible to get an impression of your design quickly. Whether this is a machine, a building or a road route, the only thing needed for visualising your model in AR and VR is your 3D model.

Administration and maintenance
You can use AR to make all necessary information available on location and make work descriptions visually available to your engineers so that they can see exactly what they have to do. If they can't figure it out, you can contact your back office so that a professional can watch and help from the office. This way your project is not delayed and your customers are helped quickly.

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"Virtual reality is about simulating a reality based on 3D models in a computer. VR closes you off from your environment. Adding information to the real world is called Augmented Reality. AR creates, as it were, a new reality in the current environment."

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Decorating and customising buildings with your customer

By means of AR and VR, you can test a design against the predetermined wishes together with your customer. Since the actual environment is visualised in 3D using AR and VR, the spaces are easier to estimate.  

You can also decide on the set-up of the interior of the building together with your client. Take an operating room as an example; together with a surgeon, you can fully organise this as a surgeon would like. The unplanned rearrangement of furniture or equipment in an operating room is not desirable because this room must remain sterile. You could use VR for this in an office, and AR in an empty OR. This allows the surgeon to quickly see whether this is the optimal working environment because everything is visualised on a full-scale. 


Discover Augmented Reality with Cadac Modules Suite

Our knowledge and experience have led to new AR developments as an addition to our innovative Cadac Modules Suite. One of the four modules of Cadac Modules Suite, Cadac Modules Project, has been supplemented with AR technology. Utilising the newest features of the Autodesk Forge Platform and the power of Cloud Computing, we now offer the possibility to visualise a project directly from Revit in a Microsoft HoloLens.

What does this mean for you? In addition to viewing the 3D model, linked drawings and sheets are also available. You can also drape the 3D model over reality to support production: the absolute added value of AR! 

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