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Digitally test how it works in practice
You want to know whether your design works in practice, how it responds to external influences such as temperature, whether it meets the requirements, and whether it contains any defects. And you want to know all these things before production starts. With simulation, this is possible. The Autodesk simulation solutions make it easy and available to all CAD engineers.

You can test, analyse, and optimize your digital model without the need for time-consuming and costly prototypes. Instantly see the effect of your design decisions, making time-consuming and costly prototypes unnecessary.

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Discover your product's fatigue resistance, vibration, and other design flaws before it's too late. Optimize while you design.

Roelof Feijen Consultant Simulation - Manufacturing Roelof Feijen

Advantages of design simulation

USP Improved reliability and higher quality

Improved reliability and higher quality

You know how your design works in practice.

USP Improved performance

Improved performance

Quickly test different design options for the best performance.

USP Fewer physical tests

Fewer physical tests

Test innovative concepts.

USP Greater innovation

Greater innovation

Manage the construction site more easily and optimize workflow.

USP More knowledge of product performance

More knowledge of product performance

Generate more insight into performance and determine where problems are likely to arise.

USP More internal expertise

More internal expertise

Apply the knowledge obtained through simulations for further development.


Fewer prototypes thanks to simulation

Many clients are now using 3D CAD software such as Inventor for their digital prototyping workflow. Simulation is an essential part of this. As an official Autodesk Simulation Specialized Partner, we provide our clients with optimum support during the implementation of simulation in their design processes.

By simulating the operation of a machine, product, or installation at an early stage during the design, it is possible to determine whether the design requires further optimization and whether it will function as intended. Further still, resonation problems can be identified, and assurance can be obtained that it will not collapse under operating conditions and the influence of fatigue, for example. In simulations of gas and liquid flows, undesired recirculation can be detected and the effect of the temperature can be predicted in advance. This reduces the need to build physical prototypes and prevents failure costs.

Why simulation is essential to your design process

Design simulation has many advantages and can improve any design process. Failing to simulate in advance can lead to risks. This is unnecessary as the leading Autodesk solutions make design simulation quick and easy.

Without simulation you cannot create physical prototypes. Not only is this expensive, physically testing your designs takes much longer. Save time by testing fewer design options. 'Good enough' is often the rule rather than the exception, as an in-depth understanding of the problems is often lacking. Prevent these risks with simulation.


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