Product Data Management

Full control of your technical engineering information

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Working with the right data is crucial

More data in the design process
Digital Prototyping is an innovative way of designing. It is a total solution for design, visualization, simulation, and communication for a single digital 3D design. That said, 3D design significantly increases the amount of data and information.

Control your design data
Product Data Management (PDM) is the ideal solution for the rapidly increasing amount of information within an organization, to reduce long search times, for revision management, and the management of crucial design information. For the engineering process, this means less mistakes, shorter turnaround times, and lower costs. Autodesk Vault makes this possible and affordable.

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PDM saves you time, worries, and prevents costly mistakes in the design department.

Ernst-Jan Huijbers General Sales Director - Cadac Group Holding Ernst-Jan Huijbers


Our Cadac Organice Suite offers several benefits for Product Data Management:

USP Organize and manage

Organize and manage

Get full control over your products' life cycles, articles, and documents.

USP Reuse engineering data

Reuse engineering data

Standardize and reuse your engineering information.

USP Generate documentation

Generate documentation

Easily generate and manage product information and documentation.

USP Best practice implementation

Best practice implementation

We implement PDM according to unique best practices based on years of experience.

USP User-friendly


Get started in no time and without lengthy training programmes.

USP Low implementation costs

Low implementation costs

We guarantee fixed implementation times and costs so you always know what to expect.



Products are an important part of people's lives. Clear and uniform communication about products is essential for the companies that manufacture them and for the people who produce and purchase them. Product-thinking is a starting point, a best practice, for working with products, designing products, and manufacturing products. We have developed this based on the proven work methods of our clients. Its application improves the performance and the quality of your products and reduces both costs and turnover times.

By product we mean all of the components, sub-assemblies, or complete assemblies used. The primary goal of product-thinking is to be able to uniquely identify each individual product by assigning a product number to it, sometimes referred to as item number. It is essential that a product number is unique and never changes. We recommend using Autodesk Vault for managing and organizing your products.

Does Product-Thinking work for your organization?

Control your Product Data Management process

Autodesk Vault Professional is the leading tool for Product Data Management (PDM) in the engineering department. It allows you to effortlessly manage all of your digital design information in one central location.

Powerful tools for revision and change management, for creating Bill of Materials (BOMs), and for integration with ERP systems give you a better understanding of change processes. As a result you save time and increase productivity.

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Autodesk Vault Overview

Autodesk Vault - Best in class CAD integration

Integrate Autodesk Vault with your favourite CAD software

Autodesk Vault Professional offers the best CAD integrations with AutoCAD, Inventor, Navisworks, Revit, Civil 3D software, and more. This profound integration makes it even easier to manage your design data, from engineering to production. This saves time and ensures the accuracy of your data.

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Access to additional features in Autodesk Vault

With Cadac Organice Vault we offer several useful and time-saving features to maximize your productivity and minimize unnecessary mistakes.

Integrate CAD with Document Control

Document control involves managing and sharing documents such as drawings, calculations, and contracts throughout a project's life cycle. This process often involves various internal and external partners, disciplines, and stakeholders, which means it is important that all parties can access, review, and comment on the relevant project documents, with or without specific CAD software.

After integrating CAD with document control, you can instantly generate and publish the right documents to the document control solution using your favourite application (AutoCAD, MicroStation V8, or Revit). The relationship between the CAD model and the documents will be maintained. You can manage your CAD model versions locally, which means only the updated versions will be released in the document control environment. This helps you maintain full functionality of your CAD software and your document control solution. The best of two worlds!

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Cadac Organice Suite

Here at Cadac Group, we are proud of the development of the Cadac Organice Suite. This engineering collaboration solution makes collaborating on (multidisciplinary) projects easier than ever. We applied more than 30 years of experience to develop the Cadac Organice Suite, which is based on Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Vault and provides the ideal basis for managing and sharing digital engineering data and documents – on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

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Organice Vault

Quickly and easily implement PDM/EDM using Autodesk Vault and Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Design data always up-to-date
  • Time savings
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Organice DCS

Manage and share engineering documents in complex project environments.

  • Easy-to-use deliverables planning and delivery
  • Shorter review cycles
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Organice BIM 360 Connect

Link Microsoft SharePoint with Autodesk BIM 360 Field

  • Always the right version easily accessible on site
  • Never upload documents manually
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Organice Viewport

The publication and notification platform that can complement your existing document management system.

  • Automated cross-referencing
  • All information in one view
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Autodesk Vault helps you organize and manage your engineering data much easier. You will get back full control, search and find your design data in no time.

  • Increase productivity
  • Save time on the repetitive tasks
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BIM 360 Build

No matter what type of construction or capital project you’re managing, BIM 360 Field helps you save time and reduce costs.

  • Collaboration
  • In the cloud
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Inventor Professional

Inventor Professional is the center of an connected product development ecosystem that enables you to make great products with professional grade engineering solutions.

  • Increase productivity
  • Digital Prototyping
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