Product and sales configurators (ETO)

Faster, more efficient, and error-free production

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Shorten the time-to-market

Produce customized products more quickly
As an engineer-to-order (ETO) organization, you produce customized products for your clients. You are constantly challenged to produce more quickly at lower costs. This while the demand for specific solutions is becoming increasingly complex.

More time for product innovation
Thanks to product and sales configurators, you can easily overcome the challenges your ETO organization faces. Minimize design errors, shorten design cycles, and eliminate repetitive design tasks to free up more time for product design and innovation.

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We can help you create your first product configurator in just ten days.

Robby Doumen Sales Director - Manufacturing Robby Doumen


USP Time savings

Time savings

Save time in the draughting room through standardization and automation.

USP Use forms to generate models

Use forms to generate models

Enter the right information and dimensions in a handy input screen and generate the corresponding model.

USP Effortlessly configure settings

Effortlessly configure settings

Quickly configure settings using handy tools.


The challenges of engineer-to-order

As a manufacturer of engineer-to-order products, you will face several challenges. Overcome these challenges by using product and sales configurators and recycling standard solutions.

  • The demand for complex customization is on the rise.
  • You want to minimize your costs.
  • You want to accelerate the bidding process.
  • You want to utilize production resources efficiently.
  • You want to avoid costly design errors.

NXTdim makes configuration in Inventor easy

While there's no such thing as a standard order, certain products can be standardized successfully. With our NXTdim Configurator, you can easily convert all of your options, dimensions, and product features into a form or configurator. If you would like to offer your clients more than just a standard product, simply modify the configuration with a few clicks of the mouse. Your Inventor model will be adjusted automatically.

More about our NXTdim Configurator tools for Inventor

Discover online product configurators

Sell more than ever
If you combine the power of a product configurator and the ease of use of a website, you have an online sale and marketing tool that can give your sales a great boost.

Optimise all your business processes
Information generated by an online product configurator is of inestimable value. It will help you optimise all your purchasing, engineering, sales and other processes.

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The example below only shows the tip of the iceberg concerning the possible opportunities provided by online product configurators. It would be our pleasure to help you take the next step!

Ernst-Jan Huijbers General Sales Director - Cadac Group Holding Ernst-Jan Huijbers

Online web configurators offer many advantages

By integrating a user-friendly configurator into your website, you create a powerful online marketing and sales tool that will boost your product sales.

USP Direct insight for your customer

Direct insight for your customer

Your customer immediately sees the result of the changed parameters. The customer's needs are beautifully visualised in 3D.

USP Quick quotations

Quick quotations

If you link prices to the parts of the model, you immediately see an accurate estimation of the total price of the configuration.

USP More insight into customer needs

More insight into customer needs

The configurations made are perfectly suited for use by your sales department in order to gain a greater insight into your customers' needs.

USP Do not waste any time on standards

Do not waste any time on standards

By standardising your range of products for configuration, the engineering department can focus more on specials and product development.

USP Quicker time-to-market

Quicker time-to-market

Your sales department can spend less time guiding customer choices. The purchase department can spend less time ordering standards parts. The result? Much quicker lead times, and your products will be ready quicker.

USP Direct production management

Direct production management

Orders of standard configurations can be passed directly to ERP and the production department.

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