Document control and collaboration

Manage and share your engineering and design documents more efficiently than ever before

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The importance of Document Control & Collaboration

It's important that your team members have access to the right versions of the right documents at the right time. Document control is the ideal solution and involves managing and sharing documents such as drawings, calculations, and contracts throughout the entire project's life cycle. Reliability is essential to security, version management, review cycles, traceability, availability, and auditing.

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The Cadac Organice Suite offers you a safe and reliable project environment in which to manage and share your engineering documents.

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Our Cadac Organice Suite offers several benefits for Document Control & Collaboration:

USP Full control of your review processes

Full control of your review processes

Set up review processes within the life cycle of a single document, from simple to extremely complex.

USP Instant access to the latest document version

Instant access to the latest document version

Project members can quickly and easily find the latest version of a document in the central repository.

USP Create project sites quickly and easily

Create project sites quickly and easily

Our standardized project templates allow you to quickly create new project sites.

USP Reliable and secure project environment

Reliable and secure project environment

Configure permissions per document, based on the project role. Changing the document status will automatically change the permissions so that each project member only has access to the necessary documents.

USP Extensive audit trails

Extensive audit trails

A transparent audit trail provides legal security. Easily track all tasks per document, per phase, per project, and across multiple projects.

USP Full integration with design data management

Full integration with design data management

Our solution is integrated with the design data management systems offered by various market leaders, such as Autodesk Vault.


Total control of your document flows

The large volume of documents and the number of involved parties often makes it impossible to stay up-to-date without a good document control system to support this process. A reliable collaboration platform such as Microsoft SharePoint is essential and gives internal departments and external parties access to the latest design information.

The Cadac Organice Suite is fully based on Microsoft SharePoint and helps you manage your document flows more efficiently, meet your client's requirements, and increase your organization's margins. It also gives you full control of your document flows and your projects.

Review and approval of documents

Your engineers spend a lot of time reviewing and approving engineering documents. Approximately forty to sixty per cent of their time is spent finding the right version of a document and e-mailing change requests to colleagues and external parties. This decreases the efficiency of your organization. The Cadac Organice Suite allows you to easily trace, share, and review documents. Users with full access can manage and share documents with each other and with external parties who do not have access. This streamlines the review and approval process, which accelerates the project's turnaround time. Your organization's efficiency increases and costs are reduced.

Improved collaboration

Collaborating on a project can be challenging, especially when external parties are involved. You therefore want one central platform that everyone can use to manage and share all project-related information. Many platforms, however, have several limitations, such as restricted access for incidental or external users, a high degree of complexity, insufficient insight into processes, and inadequate security or speed. Microsoft SharePoint, one of the best collaboration platforms on the market, supports the collaboration process and offers a solution to these challenges. The Cadac Organice Suite is based on Microsoft SharePoint and is the perfect document control solution for both simple and complex engineering projects.

ERP integration

The Cadac Organice Suite allows you to utilize project and contact information from corporate applications in Microsoft SharePoint and use Microsoft SharePoint to collaborate on documents originated in your ERP system. You can automate the creation of project sites, configure permissions, and archive documents back to your ERP system.

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Cadac Organice Suite

Here at Cadac Group, we are proud of the development of the Cadac Organice Suite. This engineering collaboration solution makes collaborating on (multidisciplinary) projects easier than ever. We applied more than 30 years of experience to develop the Cadac Organice Suite, which is based on Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Vault and provides the ideal basis for managing and sharing digital engineering data and documents – on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

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