Digital Prototyping

Digitise your entire product development. Make better products in less time and for lower costs.

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Create exceptional products with digital prototyping.

Design, simulate, and visualize before you start production
Digital prototyping is an innovative design method. It is an all-in solution for design, visualization, simulation, and communication for one digital design. Test before you produce. Collaborate with different fields. Market ingenious products more quickly and more easily than ever before, from conception and production to marketing and more. Digital prototyping streamlines the entire process.

Inventor lays the foundation for an optimal design process
Our experienced consultants will support you with leading design solutions and help you optimize and automate your design processes and workflows. Digital prototyping offers the solution. Autodesk Inventor, the most widely-used 3D mechanical engineering design software in the world, is the foundation.

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While digital prototyping itself is nothing new, we've made it unique by making it feasible, scalable, and affordable!

Ernst-Jan Huijbers General Sales Director - Cadac Group Holding Ernst-Jan Huijbers

Benefits of digital prototyping

Using just a single digital model during the development – throughout the concept, construction, manufacturing, and maintenance phases – offers a number of advantages.

USP Fewer physical prototypes

Fewer physical prototypes

A tangible prototype is no longer necessary. Testing, simulation, and optimization is fully digital.

USP Shorten the time-to-market

Shorten the time-to-market

Streamline your design process, from initial sketch to production, and market your products faster than ever.

USP Develop more innovative designs

Develop more innovative designs

Save time in the entire design process and make room for innovative product development.

USP Better communication and collaboration

Better communication and collaboration

 Store your data in a system that is accessible to everyone.

USP Optimize knowledge transfer

Optimize knowledge transfer

All knowledge and data from every design phase is centrally stored in the digital model.

USP Optimize material usage

Optimize material usage

Digitally test different materials in an early stage and analyse their practical application. Fast and simple.

Digital Prototyping

Your entire design process for a single digital prototype

A digital prototype is a simulation of a part, product, or complete installation that can be tested for function, form, and coherence, with techniques such as movement analyses and strength calculations.

In addition to geometry from Autodesk Inventor, a digital prototype can also contain an electrical system from AutoCAD Electrical or piping. In contrast to an expensive physical prototype, a digital prototype does not actually have to be constructed.

Add knowledge to every step in the design phase

Knowledge is added during every step in the design process. In practice, a lot of information is lost when transferring knowledge between the design stages and people.

The digital prototyping solution by Autodesk helps you securely manage this data using a product data management system (PDM). This system can also be linked to a PLM or ERP system to help you reduce the cost of physical prototypes, achieve a faster time-to-market, and prevent errors and frustrations.

Managing Engineering Data with Product Data Management software

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