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What is Building Information Modelling?

Work with all disciplines in a 3D CAD model
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent, model-based process that provides insight for creating and managing construction projects faster, more economically, and more sustainably. All data collected during the design, construction, management, and maintenance phases are incorporated into digital models used by all construction partners. This means you can focus on virtual construction before you start the actual construction, in which building elements and their properties, relationships, and dependencies are established parametrically (i.e. as a relationally parametric building model).

Consistent and up-to-date building information
A BIM model is always up-to-date and consistent. This makes it possible to achieve better consistency and coordination, failure costs are reduced, and parametric links can be established to cost calculations, structural calculations, planning software, and high-end visualization applications.

Significant reduction in failure costs
Reduction of failure costs, in particular, can lead to big wins. These are usually caused by incomplete or poor preparation and lack of information exchange and communication. Another common cause is insufficient attention to the practicality during the design phase and coordination problems between the different parties and partners during the construction process.

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We offer you professional guidance to help you get the most out of BIM and achieve your objectives. We examine your current work method and determine which BIM approach would best suit you.

Jeroen Leeuw Sales Director - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Jeroen Leeuw

Why BIM?

BIM offers several advantages:

USP Minimize construction errors

Minimize construction errors

Prevent costly mistakes early in the design stage.

USP Avoid design conflicts

Avoid design conflicts

Bring models and building partners together and identify design conflicts before construction begins.

USP Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration with consistent and coordinated models.

USP Impressive visualizations

Impressive visualizations

Obtain more insight into your design, win more contracts, and build stakeholder approval.

USP Higher quality

Higher quality

Pool the insights of all building partners to ensure faster, cheaper, and higher quality construction.

USP Minimize knowledge loss

Minimize knowledge loss

The model includes all knowledge and all building phases, from initial design to management and maintenance.

Autodesk BIM 101: Intro to Building Information Modeling

Minimize costs and prevent failure costs

BIM enables you to make more and better data available early on in the design process. You can ensure optimal collaboration by improving your information exchange with building partners. This reduces costly modifications and changes that occur during the execution phase and gives you more value for your building project.

BIM is the solution which ensures that all relevant information during a construction project is stored, from the design phase to the implementation and operation phase. All parties involved in the construction process have access to the same information and are continuously informed of the current status and any changes. BIM therefore minimizes design and construction errors and reduces failure costs. Moreover, it has been shown that BIM further cuts construction costs by reducing construction time.

BIM is the next standard

BIM is an important development and it affects everyone in the building chain. The construction industry is beginning to realize that the traditional construction process has serious shortcomings, including inconsistency of information, repetition of work, errors in bills of quantities, and inflexibility in implementing the many changes. Furthermore, the old approach lacks the robustness needed to work out various alternatives for a design, quickly create visualizations, or coordinate collaboration between the different disciplines. We are therefore seeing rapidly growing interest in working with building information, rather than just graphical drawing information.

More and more clients and government agencies are making BIM a requirement in their tender requests. In addition, companies are increasingly discovering the benefits of this work methodology and, with the proper use of the tools, are succeeding in significantly reducing failure costs. Our BIM specialists support building partners in achieving optimum implementation of the BIM concept. Cadac Group not only provides directly deployable solutions such as Revit and TheModus but also BIM training and guidance during BIM projects.

Autodesk BIM Solutions for Architecture, MEP & Structural Engineering, and Construction

Succesvol Verbinden in de installatietechniek

Added value of BIM in the installation sector

BIM information also offers tremendous added value for technical installation consultants and installers. Both during the drawing and design of installations as well as the performance of the necessary calculations, the information from the model is invaluable.

For example, cooling load or heat loss calculations can be made in relation to the physical building data available in the model. The current information on quantities and materials also makes it possible to design and manufacture more quickly and less expensively.

With years of experience and expertise, we are the leading knowledge partner for BIM for installers and installation engineering consultants in the installation sector. In addition to developing software, we offer various solutions for working more efficiently and reducing failure costs in the installation sector. Our TheModus Suite offers solutions for the design and 3D modelling of construction installations.

Powerful Autodesk software package for BIM

The Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection is the ideal, all-in BIM solution by Autodesk. The collection offers an extensive package with construction solutions that support BIM and CAD workflows and give architects, mechanical engineers, and contractors the opportunity to design, simulate, visualize, and build better buildings.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection provides the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM), with tools for design and documentation, visualization, simulation, and project collaboration, so you can compete for new work, whether your project requires BIM or CAD.

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Get the most out of BIM with Cadac's TheModus Suite

With TheModus Suite, we developed a package that helps you get more out of your digital design. This suite combines all the software you need to create, manage, and share the digital design information for your building projects.

Cadac's TheModus Suite is specially geared towards the construction industry and the complex processes that arise due to the large number of parties and specialists involved. The Building Information Model is central to our approach. The software solutions in our TheModus Suite for architecture, construction and installation technology can be used with any large-scale project and are fully compatible with Autodesk products.


BIM Price Calculator

BIM can no longer be ignored as a part of the construction process and, therefore, also not from the function of a calculator. Questions such as 'How much does it cost to create a BIM model of a building?' often have to wait a long time before being answered. Fortunately, the first online BIM Price Calculator has recently been launched. An easy-to-use calculator that provides price and delivery time within 1 working day.

BIM price in 8 easy steps:

  1. Select the service you need
    With this menu, you can specify the available input from which the model builders will work to create your BIM model.

  2. Select the type of building 
    Select the type of building for your project

  3. Enter the gross floor area of the building (in m²) 
    The gross floor area is the total floor area of the building, including the outside walls and excluding the roof.

  4. Architecture 
    If you want the architecture of the design to be modelled, drag the Architecture button to the right and select the desired LOD (Level of Detail).

  5. MEP 
    If you want the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) of the design to be modelled and coordinated, drag the MEP button to the right and select the requested LOD for each sub-discipline

  6. Structure 
    If you want the structure of the design to be modelled, drag the Structure button to the right and select the desired LOD.

  7. Import parameters 
    If you want to import parameters into the BIM model (e.g. from data sheets) for facility management or technical maintenance, drag the Import Parameters button to the right and select 'Yes'.

  8. Submit 
    Once all of the information has been filled in, simply enter your contact details to receive the quote for your BIM model. The BIM Price Calculator team does the rest, and you will receive your quote in your inbox within 1 working day.

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