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Accelerate and improve production with BIM

BIM in the production and implementation phase
BIM has become an integral part of the installation engineering sector. BIM is also becoming increasingly essential to the design phase. This is why it's important to incorporate the BIM approach in the product and implementation phases as well.

Incorporating BIM workflow into all construction phases
At the moment, the BIM workflow tends to stall at the transition between these phases. AutoCAD or Revit models are transformed from generic 2D or 3D models to more detailed, manufacturable components in 3D. These changes take time, money, and resources, and tend to result in a loss of information. Additionally, the as-built situation after the production phase can no longer be linked to the original design.

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Integrating BIM into the production and implementation phases leads to better communication, a clearer building process, and fewer problems during construction.

Maurice Laumen Senior Account Manager - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Maurice Laumen

Direct production management via BIM

Thanks to the Autodesk Fabrication solutions CADmep (for MEP installations) and CAMduct (for air ducts), it is now possible to expand BIM workflow to the production and implementation phases.

Both solutions offer useful tools to enhance models in AutoCAD or Revit with valuable 3D information that can be used to instantly generate production drawings or databases for manufacturing purposes, whereby CAMduct can even be used to manage CNC machines. In short: complete control via BIM of production and prefabrication processes.

Update your model with as-built information

To maintain up-to-date information during and after the production phase, we recommend matching your CAD or BIM model to the final version after production.

To adjust the model to the as-built situation, including any modifications made during the production phase, we created a useful link. This link will help you convert your production drawings to Autodesk Revit. The drawings will be incorporated into the as-built situation and any modifications made during production can be linked to the BIM project.


The right graphics all the time

This ensures that you and your chain partners have the right graphics and the right datasets at all times.

As the design and production drawings are identical, there is seamless communication between the modeller, installer, and manufacturer. The construction process becomes more transparent, and unforeseen clashes during the implementation phase are minimized.

BIM Price Calculator

BIM can no longer be ignored as a part of the construction process and, therefore, also not from the function of a calculator. Questions such as 'How much does it cost to create a BIM model of a building?' often have to wait a long time before being answered. Fortunately, the first online BIM Price Calculator has recently been launched. An easy-to-use calculator that provides price and delivery time within 1 working day.


BIM price in 8 easy steps:

  1. Select the service you need
    With this menu, you can specify the available input from which the model builders will work to create your BIM model.

  2. Select the type of building 
    Select the type of building for your project

  3. Enter the gross floor area of the building (in m²) 
    The gross floor area is the total floor area of the building, including the outside walls and excluding the roof.

  4. Architecture 
    If you want the architecture of the design to be modelled, drag the Architecture button to the right and select the desired LOD (Level of Detail).

  5. MEP 
    If you want the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) of the design to be modelled and coordinated, drag the MEP button to the right and select the requested LOD for each sub-discipline

  6. Structure 
    If you want the structure of the design to be modelled, drag the Structure button to the right and select the desired LOD.

  7. Import parameters 
    If you want to import parameters into the BIM model (e.g. from data sheets) for facility management or technical maintenance, drag the Import Parameters button to the right and select 'Yes'.

  8. Submit 
    Once all of the information has been filled in, simply enter your contact details to receive the quote for your BIM model. The BIM Price Calculator team does the rest, and you will receive your quote in your inbox within 1 working day.

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