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Manufacturers use BIM
BIM is the construction standard in the Netherlands. As a manufacturer, it's important to stay connected through BIM. Your products and 3D models are extremely important to BIM projects. They should ideally come from a single source instead of CAD libraries from different software suppliers.

The solution for the entire installation engineering sector
In addition to limited interoperability for end users, manufacturers spend a lot of time and money updating their content with new releases. As a result, UNETO-VNI collaborated with several software suppliers on a project that aims to develop a uniform object library (UOB). This UOB is the ideal solution for the entire installation engineering sector. It enables manufacturers to add geometric data to a central database according to the ETIM standard and including all new calculation and drawing parameters.

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Manufacturers' products and 3D models are becoming increasingly important to BIM projects. This opens an important role for manufacturers in BIM.

Jeroen Leeuw Sales Director - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Jeroen Leeuw

ETIM-RT project for uniform objects

UNETO-VNI has collaborated with several software suppliers to launch the ETIM-RT project. As one of these software suppliers, Cadac Group played an important role in this project. The project aims to develop a standard that manufacturers can use to market structured, uniform, and software-independent data.

Within this project, ETIM classification standards are further developed to include a description of the specific software information that is required to create products in a 3D environment. Creating these 3D projects in a uniform object library (UOB), according to the specifications and agreements, is another integral part of the project. The UOB removes product libraries from software companies and shifts the responsibility for product content back to the manufacturers.

As a result, the manufacturer is responsible for both the physical and the virtual product. While the CAD models are no longer signed, the products do contain the right parameters to allow the smart software to generate platform-independent models.

Content LAB - Get ahead at the touch of a button!

Are you a manufacturer or a supplier in the construction industry and would you like your products to be available virtually in BIM? Our Content LAB (Library Access Button) is the answer. The Content LAB gives all modellers access to your entire product portfolio in Revit.

Modellers often use content from libraries or manufacturer databases to build a model in Revit MP. The Content LAB allows Revit users to select your content and place it directly into the model. Using the Content LAB add-in, a Revit MEP modeller can select products directly from your product catalogue and place them in the BIM model.

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Content LAB - Revit Library Access Button

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