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Gain more control over the entire life cycle of your assets

If your daily work involves extremely complex onshore and offshore engineering projects, then having standardised, reliable, efficient design and management solutions is essential. We offer solutions that help you tackle your daily tasks, reduce costs, and implement projects more quickly and efficiently.

Create and share your engineering information
We provide leading solutions to support multi-disciplined engineering projects. Whether it is process engineering, mechanical and piping, electrical or structural, the solutions we offer will support your engineers in the best way possible. In addition, we provide innovative solutions that allow you to share your engineering information in a globally dispersed environment, providing both internal and external draftsmen access to all the necessary project information.

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Our standardised solutions allow you to create, manage, and share consistent digital engineering information in every phase.

Ernst-Jan Huijbers General Sales Director - Cadac Group Holding Ernst-Jan Huijbers

Our solutions fits your industry

Consistent information is essential in every phase of your engineering project. The implications for subsequent phases or other engineering disciplines are significant. Our engineering collaboration software and document management software encourage deeper integration of the entire engineering cycle. This improves collaboration between you and your partners, while reducing failure costs.

Best-in-breed design processes in Process, Power and Marine

At Cadac Group, we do not believe in monolithic solutions that are overly complex and hard to manage. We firmly believe in best-of-breed solutions, combining market-leading engineering collaboration solutions into a loosely coupled but smoothly integrated system that provides each user with a single user experience.

We offer leading Autodesk solutions that generate engineering information. This information forms the basis for the entire life cycle of your assets. In addition to Autodesk solutions like Autodesk Vault, Cadac Group offers unique solutions for managing and sharing project information in your industry. The Cadac Organice Suite, for example, offers an excellent set of tools to manage and share your digital design information in a structured and controlled manner. This will help you work in a more integrated and efficient way.


Our proven project approach ensures a succesful implementation

Meet and share knowledge

Meet and share knowledge

You get to know us, and we share our knowledge with you.

Start-up phase

Start-up phase

Together, we look at what solutions best meet your goals.

Initiation phase

Initiation phase

We map the entire project, the milestones, and the approach.

Implementation phase

Implementation phase

We take clear steps towards an effective implementation of your solution.

Maintenance and support phase

Maintenance and support phase

The solution is up and running. Together, we ensure that it’s efficiently managed and maintained.

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Implement your projects faster and more efficiently

The market sets one clear requirement: implement projects as quickly and efficiently as possible at the lowest cost. How can you meet this need? You want to make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information, but this information is often spread out among various parties and departments. We provide solutions to these issues and help you implement them.

Our solutions can open up many possibilities, but they do require a good engineering landscape on your end. Information is still being stored on so-called “islands” and is not shared with partners or other disciplines. High-quality information is being poorly managed and maintained due to printing, for example, which creates a lot of manual labour before other parties can make this information useable. At Cadac Group, we understand that availability is something very different from usability.


Get better results and lower costs

By sharing information with the entire engineering and production process, an environment is created where all parties receive the right information and can make better decisions more quickly. Changes are implemented faster, mistakes are identified at an earlier stage, and quality as a whole is improved.

Our experts at Cadac Group speak your language and understand how you think. We support you in organising consistent information flows. This will help you increase efficiency as we look beyond a single project phase or engineering discipline to see the bigger picture. We help you improve your processes step-by-step, using our best practice approach and drawing on almost 30 years of experience.

Get the most out of your engineering design with the Cadac Organice Suite

The Cadac Organice Suite contains several solutions that allow you to collaborate on complex capital engineering projects. This suite combines all the software you need to create, manage, and share the digital design information for your Process, Power and Marine projects.

The Cadac Organice Suite was developed for complex projects, such as building drilling platforms, large industrial installations, and ships. We combine an integrated approach with a consistent stream of information. The Cadac Organice Suite is extremely reliable in terms of safety, version management, review cycles, traceability, and availability, and it also has the option of conducting reliable audits. The software solutions are well-suited for larger projects and can be combined with the Autodesk products from the Autodesk Plant Design Suite.

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More software solutions for your industry

Create your engineering designs more quickly and more efficiently with the most advanced Autodesk software.

AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical software, part of the Autodesk Digital Prototyping solution, gives you the tools to design control systems quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

  • Increase productivity
  • Digital Prototyping
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Typical Manager

The link between Typical Manager and Autodesk software allows you to create, manage, and share your design information on technical design processes faster, more efficiently, and better than ever before.

  • Increase productivity
  • Save time on the repetitive tasks
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Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection

One essential set of BIM tools for building design, civil infrastructure, and construction.

  • Increase productivity
  • Time savings
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Cadac Organice Suite

Our Cadac Organice Suite makes it easier than ever to collaborate on multidisciplinary projects.

  • Time savings & standardization
  • Better exchange of data and documents within a project
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Organice DCS

Manage and share engineering documents in complex project environments.

  • Easy-to-use deliverables planning and delivery
  • Shorter review cycles
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Organice Vault

Quickly and easily implement PDM/EDM using Autodesk Vault and Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Design data always up-to-date
  • Time savings
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Autodesk Vault helps you organize and manage your engineering data much easier. You will get back full control, search and find your design data in no time.

  • Increase productivity
  • Save time on the repetitive tasks
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AutoCAD Plant 3D

With AutoCAD Plant 3D plant design software, AutoCAD-trained piping designers can create 3D plant designs more quickly, without the need for CAD administrators.

  • Tijdwinst
  • Digital Prototyping
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