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You undoubtedly want maximum control of your registered software licences. In addition to having the right number of legal licences, you want to know which version is running on which device. Leave licence management to the experienced and accredited software asset managers at Cadac Group for more control over your investments.

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We make sure you always have the right licences and the right number for the best price.

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There are several benefits to having our SAM experts manage your software:

USP No worries

No worries

There is no need to worry about the complex management of licences and versions.

USP Minimize risks

Minimize risks

Avoid the illegal use of your Autodesk software.

USP Avoid over-licensing

Avoid over-licensing

The right number of licences. Not too few and not too many.

USP No unexpected costs

No unexpected costs

No more unexpected costs.

USP Always up-to- date

Always up-to- date

Always the latest version of your Autodesk software.

USP Overview


An up-to-date overview of your software licences.


Can't I manage my own software?

How many software licences have you purchased over the years? How many licences have you installed? Where are these installed? Are you paying for licences you're not using? Which licences require attention? What about updates and versions?

Can you answer these questions? If so, you have things under control! In our experience, this is not always the case. If you leave your software management to us, we will make sure you have the right licensing structure, the right number of licences, and the right legal version.

Accredited software asset management partner

As the only Autodesk Platinum Partner in the Benelux, we are officially authorized to perform Autodesk software asset management. Thanks to years of experience with countless clients, we can manage your Autodesk licences like no other.

Our accredited software asset management advisers are fully up to date on the latest licence contracts and licensing forms, legal constraints, and software inventory methods. We make it easy by taking on all of your software concerns.


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